Shannara Reveals More About the Warlock Lord's Plans

The Shannara Chronicles continues to foreshadow the return of the Warlock Lord in two new clips from the first hour of Wednesday's night back-to-back episodes. One of the clips reveals the details of his deal with Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chekezie) and provides insight into what his plans are when he is finally restored.

At the beginning of season 2, Bandon (Marcus Vanco), made efforts to resurrect the Warlock Lord, the evil Druid from Sword of Shannara, the first book of the Shannara series. It's been established in the show that the Warlock Lord was defeated long ago by Shea Ohmsford. Now it will be up to Shea's son, Will (Austin Butler), to thwart Bandon's plans. If he's unsuccessful, Will will have to use the Sword of Shannara to defeat the Warlock Lord. According to Allanon (Manu Bennett), the sword is the only weapon capable of killing him.

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In the first clip, we learn more about Queen Tamlin and her association with the Warlock Lord. In a confrontation with Cogline (Andy Grainger) and Eretria (Ivana Baquero), Tamlin reveals that her kingdom was untouched by the War of the Four Races due to a deal she had made with the Warlock Lord. He killed her husband and put her on the throne. Tamlin was expected to help the Warlock Lord replenish his magic by letting him drink from Heaven's Well, however, before he could collect, he was defeated by Shea. Cogline warns Tamlin that the Warlock Lord will expect her to keep her end of the bargain when he returns.

The second clip shows Allanon and Will struggling to negotiate with Bandon the exchange of Flick and the skull of the Warlock Lord, which Bandon will need to complete the ritual. As Bandon continues to use Flick as leverage, we discover that Mareth (Malese Jow) is casting illusions to trick Bandon into think that the skull is within his grasp.

The major takeaway from the clips is that we now have a better idea of what the Warlock Lord is planning, and that it has strong connections to the mythology established in the books. As explained by Cogline, Heaven's Well is the source of the Silver River, and its magic is "the lifeblood" of the Four Lands. First appearing in the third book of the series, Wishsong of Shannara, Heaven's Well was poisoned by Mord Wraiths, sickening all the lands that surrounded it. It had to be cleansed by Jair Ohmsford, Will's son.

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The Shannara Chronicles continues Wednesday with back-to-back episodes of "Palanor" and "Crimson" on Spike.

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