The Shannara Chronicles: Season 2 Recap

The Shannara Chronicles wraps up its second season this week, with a double-length finale that sees Wil (Austin Butler) and his friends once again battling to save the Four Lands from a demonic threat. It includes plenty of blood, love triangles, magic, and of course, shirtless Austin Butler, and continues to be fantastic fantasy viewing.

Like season 1, season 2 ends with a major character sacrificing themselves to save the Four Lands, with a significantly smaller cast of characters, and with a cliffhanger that promises another magical adventure. The finale ends with Wil discovered to be alive in a disturbing hellscape (and he doesn't even have his elf-stones with him!). Luckily, Mareth (Malese Jow) and Eretria (Ivana Baquero), along with their new teacher-Druid Cogline (Andrew Grainger) realize that they're the ones who will have to save him... but before we start speculating on what may happen next season, let's recap this season's Shannara adventures.

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Where Are They Now? Fallout From The War Of The Forbidding

Lyria and Eretria The Shannara Chronicles

The first few episodes this season caught us up on what's been happening to our favorite characters since the season one finale, when Wil and Amberle (Poppy Drayton) had to abandon Eretria to get back to Arborlon so Amberle could become the Ellcrys.

Wil is training as a healer in the Gnome village of Storlock (and abusing his elfstones in order to see visions of Amberle). He's followed there by Mareth, a new character who has her own magic and who needs his help. Eretria is living a protected life in what's left of San Francisco, with a group of humans led by ex-Druid Cogline. She's got a beautiful new girlfriend, Lyria (Vanessa Morgan), and seems to be happy here, although she believes that Wil never came looking for her, and has no idea that Amberle became a tree.

Meanwhile, the Elf kingdom is struggling to recover from the war, with the new King Ander (Aaron Jakubenko) trying to help his people, but unable to do enough. As a result, General Riga (Desmond Chiam) has started a rebel faction known as the Crimson. The Crimson are convinced that the source of the problem is magic, and are killing any magic users that they find.

Finally, Allanon (Manu Bennett) is dealing with his former pupil (turned new evil Warlock) Bandon (Marcus Vanco), who wants to resurrect the Warlock Lord. The Warlock Lord is the evil Druid who caused the War of the Races. Now, Bandon is attempting to reunite the remains of the Warlock Lord (his heart, skull, and sword) to bring him back to life, and Allanon is busy trying to stop him. At the end of the first episode, Bandon has the heart and the blade, and Allanon has taken a beating and heads back to the elves to warn them.

New Players And The Questers Reunited

Queen Tamlin of Leah The Shannara Chronicles

With everyone caught up, it's time to bring these scattered characters back together again. Eretria has a vision of Amberle, telling her to return to Wil, so she and Lyria set out to get some answers... but are captured by Garet Jax (Gentry White), who has been sent to bring Lyria back home. First big surprise of the season, 'home' is Leah, where Lyria is the runaway princess! She's reunited with the Queen, who is manipulative but essentially wants the best for her people, and who believes that this will be achieved by marrying her daughter off to King Ander in a new alliance. King Ander is on board, having been told about Bandon by Allanon, and encouraged to seek an alliance of his own. Eretria leaves to find Wil, feeling betrayed by her lover.

Wil and Mareth are doing some searching of their own in ShadyVale, and learn the truth about Wil's father; that he and Allanon were the ones to hide the parts of the Warlock Lord. Bandon has learned this as well, and kidnaps Wil's Uncle Fick (Mark Mitchinson). In order for Wil to get Fick back, he has to bring Allanon to Bandon. Wil (who has no love for Allanon after the first season) decides to go get him and save his uncle... but Allanon has been kidnapped by the Crimson! Time for Wil and Mareth to go free Allanon, and for the second big reveal: Mareth is Alannon's daughter.

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