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The New Good Guys (And A Surprise Reveal)

Thankfully, there are also some new good guys joining the heroes of the Four Lands this season, and 'Druid' also sees Eretria heading back out into the wide world for another adventure, so Wil and Allanon don't have to face the rising evil alone.

Eretria is joined by her new love, Lyria (Vanessa Morgan), who has chosen to stay with her girlfriend rather than her settlement. After Eretria has her vision of Amberle, she starts to think about her past - and question why Wil and Amberle never came back for her (something that the audience is left wondering, as well). After some careful questioning by Lyria about Eretria's feelings for Wil (definitely some more love triangle action in the cards, there), Lyria reveals that the kindly Cogline actually made sure that Wil didn't find her. She helps Eretria break into Cogline's office, where she finds Wil's pendant and confronts him. Learning that Cogline wants to keep her there, and has been lying to her about Wil all along, Eretria and Lyria set out to find him, and figure out what her vision of Amberle was all about. Not a whole lot is revealed about Lyria herself, however. She's described as mysterious and is obviously very attached to Eretria, but the rest is still to be revealed.

Wil also finds a new (potential) love in the form of Mareth (Malese Jow), a pretty elf girl who initially comes to him for healing. She obviously doesn't need it, however, as she heals her wound on her own with magic, and then hunts Wil out at a bar later on. At first, Wil believes that Mareth is hunting him, but she quickly gains his trust by telling him that actual bounty hunters are also in the bar, and kissing him before helping him fight them off. Typical Wil, making out with every attractive girl he meets. Mareth knows who Wil is, but leaves him in disgust when he admits that he doesn't want to do any more kingdom-saving, and just wants to stay put and keep training. Luckily, she doesn't go far, though - and when Bandon's snake-people come after Wil, Mareth uses her magic to help keep them off him. She (and the obvious magic threat) make Wil realize that he has to leave and seek out Allanon, and we get the biggest bombshell of the episode. Mareth has magic becuase she is Allanon's daughter!

A New Quest, And New Questions

Wil Shannara Chronicles S2

By the end of 'Druid', there's been gory fight scenes, an epic magic swordfight, a shirtless Wil, a bomb dropped, and vision-Amberle proving that she's not out of the game just because she's a tree. Whew! It's a lot to pack in to one episode, and it sets things up perfectly for the new quest. Amberle obviously still has a (small) part to play, and Elf-King Ander has got his own work to do, but Wil and Eretrian have a new quest on the table. Wil is headed to Allanon with Mareth, Eretria is headed to Wil with Lyria, and Allanon is going to set them a new task: to stop Dark Bandon from unleashing the Warlock King, and probably defeat the Crimson and restore Four Lands-wide magic while they are at it.

'Druid' answered most of our questions from season one, like who saved Eretria and why Wil never found her, but it has brought up some new questions as well. If Mareth is Allanon's daughter, who was her mother? In season 1, it was heavily implied that Allanon went into cold storage immediately after the last war, and the only woman he had been with was Amberle's Aunt Pyria (Sarah Peirse). Is Mareth Pyria's daughter? Who is the mysterious Lyria, and how exactly does Eretria know Cogline - we still don't know how she became a Rover. Finally, who is the Warlock Lord, and what will happen if Bandon brings him back to life? We've got nine more episodes to do some 'splaining!

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