Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Clip Introduces Mareth

Ahead of its season 2 premiere, Spike releases a new clip for The Shannara Chronicles that brings the fantasy series back and introduces Mareth.

Malese Jow from CW The Flash

Spike has released another clip from the season 2 premiere of The Shannara Chronicles. The clip introduces Mareth, played by Malese Jow, and shows fans a bit of what Will (Austin Butler) has been up to since the season 1 finale. A previous clip from the episode previewed a battle between Allanon (Manu Bennett) and Bandon (Marcus Vanco).

Developed by Smallville and Into the Badlands creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, The Shannara Chronicles is based off the fantasy novel series Shannara by Terry Brooks. The 10-episode first season explored events from Elfstones of Shannara (the second book in the series) and followed the adventures of Will, Amberlee (Poppy Drayton), Eretria (Ivana Baquero), and Allanon as they worked to save an ancient tree known as the Ellcrys from a demon called the Dagda Mor. MTV renewed the show, but budget concerns led the show to be relocated to Spike for its second season.

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The season 2 premiere, titled 'Druid', will introduce another character from the books, Mareth, to the show. The character is described as a "volatile and unpredictable" young woman who is also "sharp, brash, and independent to a fault." Spike has released a clip that gives fans a preview of a scene between Mareth and Will.

Malese Jow from CW The Flash

After being injured in a fight with a group called the Crimson, Will is assisted by Mareth who tries to get him some help. Instead, Will produces the Elfstones and uses them to heal his wound before passing out. Staring at him, Mareth remarks, "how did this guy ever save the world?"

The conversation between the two characters also reveals that Will was drunkenly involved in a bar fight, which suggests that the character is still reeling from the loss of Amberlee, who sacrificed herself in the finale by becoming the new Ellcrys. The clip doesn't reveal if Will has made any progress in his quest to find Eretria which he embarked on when we last saw him.

It should be noted that though Malese Jow's character is in the books, she didn't actually have any kind of role in Will's journey. She appeared in The First King of Shannara, which took place 500 years before the events depicted in Elfstones of Shannara. Mareth is one of many new characters to be introduced in season 2, including Garet (Gentry White), Lyria (Vanessa Morgan), Queen Tamlin (Caaroline Chikezie), and General Riga (Desmond Chiam.)

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Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles premieres Wednesday, October 11 on Spike.

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