The Shannara Chronicles: The Places You've Come to Fear the Most

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episoe 9 - Ander and Allanon

[This is a review of The Shannara Chronicles season 1, episode 9. There will be SPOILERS.]


Completing an epic quest is no easy task and our heroic trio are learning that the hard way, as they finally reach their destination in this week's exciting penultimate episode of The Shannara Chronicles, entitled 'Safehold'.

Eretria learned last week that her blood would be the key and we see that this prophecy was true. The creepy "guardians of the bloodfire" tested Amberle and Eretria to the brink of madness, but the two women held their own, with Eretria opening up a portal. The lovely rover has come a long way and was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in order to help Amberle complete her mission. We now know that she is a child of the apocalypse, which one would assume has to do with her human blood.

Wil too excelled this week with his use of the Elvin Stones. The young man is getting stronger and isn't passing out from exhaustion after using them. It was nice to see him reflect on his past with Eretria, as the two outcasts found comfort in each other's stories. Love triangles aside, these two make a powerful team so let's hope Eretria won't be out of the game for long.

Back in the Elvin kingdom, Bandon is having difficulty controlling his power. He keeps wanting to go dark side with The Dagda Mor whispering evil thoughts into his mind. The troubled elf is quickly becoming one of the more interesting characters on the show due to his unpredictable nature. He seems kind and innocent at times until he starts choking women. Bandon might be the most powerful weapon the Elves have at their disposal, but it doesn't look like he can control himself long enough to help. Bandon might be one of those characters destined to go out with a bang, but whether it's for the good guys, or the bad remains to be seen. Only time will tell.

On a lighter note, Ander is turning into the great king we all thought he could be. He's avoided a civil war and united his clan with a powerful enemy. With The Dagda Mor's power solidified and his army complete, the war is about to begin. It will be interesting to see how this season wraps up. Amberle will undoubtedly have a tough journey ahead of her, but will it be enough to defeat the demon army? King Ander will also have his hands tied in the coming battle, but he has proven himself to be a worthy warrior and ruler these last few weeks.

We have just one episode left before this season concludes and still so many questions to be answered. Wil and Eretria are still somewhere between Oakland and San Francisco, but with their compatriot in another realm, what will they do next? Stay tuned to find out answers to these questions and more on the season finale of The Shannara Chronicles.

The Shannara Chronicles continues with 'Ellcrys' next Tuesday @10pm on MTV.

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