Shannara Chronicles Clip Reveals the Truth About Will's Father

Tonight's episode of The Shannara Chronicles will finally delve into the backstory of Will's father, Shea: the hero of the first book of the show's source material. It will also challenge a long-held belief about the character and his use of the Elfstones.

The Shannara Chronicles is inspired by the characters and events featured in The Elfstones of Shannara, the second book in the Shannara series written by Terry Brooks. The show follows the journey of Will Ohmsford, played by Austin Butler. Each book in the series featured a different protagonist, while the TV show chose to remain with Will as it moved into its second season. The character's father, Shea, was the main protagonist in the first book, Sword of Shannara, though in the book Shea was Will's grandfather. The history of the TV version of Shea has been vaguely hinted at the series, but has yet to be fully explained.

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Spike has released a clip from the second episode of season 2, titled "Wraith". The clip reveals the history between Shea and the Warlock Lord, and also offers new insight on the idea that the magic of the Elfstones drove Shea insane. In the clip, we see a conversation between Will and his uncle Flick (Mark Mitchinson), Shea's brother and a character who appeared in the first two books.

Will is startled when he learns from Flick that Shea and Flick faced the Warlock Lord 30 years ago. After the war, Shea told Flick to raise Will as his own and never to tell him about magic. Flick also confesses that "denying his purpose" and "wallowing in regret" is what killed Shea, and that the Elfstones didn't drive him crazy as Will had been led to believe.

If what Flick says is true, it goes against what Will has believed throughout the entire series. Will was reluctant to use magic because of what he knew it could do to him. Fans will have to wait and see how this will change his views on magic going forward. The revelation about Shea and the Warlock Lord is likely to be important later, especially when the newly-resurrected Warlock Lord learns of his enemy's son's involvement. The knowledge that Shea defeated the Warlock Lord may also provide the motivation Will needs to seek out and defeat the villain.

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The Shannara Chronicles continues tonight with "Wraith" on Spike.

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