Shane Dawson's 10 Best Docu-series, Ranked

The king of outrageous comedy switched gears and became the king of the documentary world. And now he is taking the makeup world by storm.

Shane Dawson is the king of old school YouTube. Starting out as a sketch comedian specializing in the weird and the outrageous, Shane dominated the online scene in the early days of content creation. By adjusting his content to suit his growing self, and audience, Shane has been able to remain a household name for over a decade.

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In recent years, his content has gone from sketches featuring his friends (and several characters of his own creation) to fascinating multi-part documentaries that rack over millions of views within hours of being published. These documentaries are well received and generally beloved by the YouTube community as well as his large fan base. His most recent documentary series focuses on the creation and launch of his Conspiracy line of cosmetics and merchandise (which was created in partnership with Jeffree Star.) Today, we will rank his ten most well-known documentaries from skippable to must-see.

10 The Graveyard Girl Series

Though it was fascinating to see how other OG YouTubers have dealt with their growing audiences, the changing trends, and their own interests changing as they themselves grow, the most interesting part of this documentary focuses on how its subject seems cautious to change her habits.

We are all afraid of change and, when scared, often retreat back to what is comfortable and familiar. This documentary explores the idea of whether or not we should embrace change/the unknown and how important it is to be one's authentic self; rather than catering to what one thinks other people want or expect.

9 The Mind Of Jake Paul

Credit must be given where credit is due. The Jake Paul series was a fascinating exploration in the double lives of those online personalities which we, and our children, worship. This series explored the nature of authenticity and whether or not we should be able to trust what we see on our screens.

Fans were left wondering whether or not their initial judgments of Jake Paul were right by the end of the series as, in a demonstration of his skill as a documentarian, Shane takes viewers through the perspective of several people around the subject before introducing him directly. These individual interviews provide contradicting and unique perspectives on Jake himself, prompting the audience to wonder what is the truth and can we really trust what we see online.

8 The Truth About Tanacon

After Tanacon occured, everyone and their grandmother had one question on their mind, "What happened?" This documentary explores several different possible reasons for the issues that made Tanacon famous having taken place. Tana, her fans, and her event coordinator were all given the chance to state the facts- though many fans still wonder which party is telling the truth as none of the stories seem to follow the same chain of events.

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The documentary itself was brilliantly editing and Shane truly demonstrated his skills as a documentarian by being able to get to the bottom of several of the main issues that lead to Tanacon failing.

7 The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star

This documentary (which is currently underweigh at the time that this article was written) follows the creation and release of Shane's line of cosmetics and merchandise which was created in partnership with Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Though the creation of the makeup itself is truly fascinating, the real hook of this series is the exploration into the business aspect of the makeup world. Seeing the deals made, the controversies, the scandals, and the drama of it all has had us on the edge of our seats. But the most rewarding aspect of the series has been seeing Shane realize his worth as a creator and asking for what he deserves when he is at the table rather than settling for whatever other people offer him.

6 The Secret World Of Jeffree Star

This series, which followed online icon Jeffree Star around as he went about his daily life, truly explored the nature of online hate and how cancel culture can affect those who find themselves under scrutiny for past actions. In several very vulnerable and raw moments, the two share how past actions have come back to haunt them.

But it is not all serious. Fans who prefer lighter content will also enjoy Shane gawking at the price of everything around him, his classic self deprecating jokes, and Jeffree's obsession with Shane's friend (and avid Harry Potter fan) Garrett Watts.

5 Confronting My Hater

Hateful comments are nothing new to someone who has survived on the internet as long as Shane has. Though most people are told to ignore such things and to avoid the negativity as much as possible, Shane did the exact opposite of said advice and confronted his biggest hater directly.

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This series explored the reason behind online hate, how content creators can change over time (as well as the content they produce,) and how we shouldn't write each other off based on the gut-reactions we have about their actions.

4 The Return Of Eugenia Cooney

In this touching and beautiful documentary, Shane sits down to talk with fellow YouTuber Eugenia Cooney about her struggles with her mental health, disordered eating, and her recovery. Eugenia was, unfortunately, the topic of much discussion online due to her size and that discussion was rarely of the friendly sort.

In this video, Shane explores the factors that lead both to her disordered eating and her recovery while also getting to know Eugenia as a person. This video was intimate, loving, and felt like a genuine chat between friends.

3 The Truth About My Past

Long-time viewers of Shane's content will be familiar with his sketch-based videos from earlier in his career. In many of these videos, Shane makes several jokes that seem to hint at a rather turbulent upbringing.

In this series, Shane confronts the people who raised him about these issues and opens up about some of the darkest moments in his own life. Seeing him be brave enough to bring these issues up and talk about them in such a raw and honest way was truly touching and inspirational for many viewers who struggle with similar issues themselves.

2 The Molly Burke Series

Though comedic and light-hearted, the Molly Burke series explores several serious topics in a fearless and honest way. This series explores the nature of disability, blindness, and how isolating these things can be.

When people do not understand something, they tend to distance themselves from it. In this series, Molly shares her experience with isolation due to her blindness and shows both viewers and Shane himself how inaccessible the world can be to many members of society.

1 Investigating Conspiracies With Shane Dawson

Though this documentary is far less serious than the other ones on this list, the Conspiracy Theory series is one of our favourite videos Shane has ever created. In fact, this video was the topic of numerous international headlines due to its exploration of the rumour that the restaurant, Chuck E Cheese, serves customers pizza made from slices taken from uneaten pies lying around the dining area.

It is important to note that Chuck E Cheese vehemently denied these claims after the video went viral.

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