Shane Black Wants To Direct Supergirl & The Flash

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black reveals he would like the opportunity to direct an episode of The CW DC TV shows Supergirl or The Flash.

Director Shane Black has revealed that, if given the opportunity, he would like to direct an episode of either Supergirl or The Flash. The Lethal Weapon creator made a surprising choice during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con when asked what television series he would choose to direct.

There’s no doubt that Black doesn’t have his hands full with the upcoming release of The Predator, which he both directed and helped write alongside Fred Dekker. The filmmaker and actor is perhaps best known for writing Lethal Weapon, while he first made his acting debut as the character Hawkins 1987’s Predator. In 2005, he made the jump to directing by taking on the role of director for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He’s since become a well-known screenwriter and director in the action genre, and continues to make his mark throughout the industry with his work on recent films, such as The Nice Guys.

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During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Black was asked by Collider what television series he would like to direct if he had the time and was offered the opportunity. While many expected his answer would’ve been focused around a more mature series, he took audiences by surprise by stating that he would choose a show like The CW’s Supergirl over a series with an established style. He also continued on to explain how he had recently become hooked by the show, and has since taken a liking to The Flash as well.

“You wouldn’t want to take a show that already has a style. Like Homeland is so great, I love Homeland, but you probably want to take something more like Supergirl. And just do one episode that’s just like, ‘What the…what?'”

Though it doesn’t seem like the obvious choice for the director and writer, it wouldn’t be the first time that Black has tackled the superhero genre. In 2013, Black both wrote and directed Iron Man 3, which has since gone on to earn the rank of being the 15th highest grossing film worldwide. The director still added his own spin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he surprised audiences that Ben Kingsley wasn’t actually portraying the Iron Man villain, The Mandarin. Despite earning quite a bit of backlash with his subversion, the film still went on to be thoroughly enjoyed by fans of the MCU.

It would definitely be an interesting change in direction for either show if Black were to take on the role of writing and directing his own madcap episode, though he would surely be able to keep audiences entertained. Black has made a reputation for himself with his subversive style, so viewers would have to be prepared to expect the unexpected and a thrill of a ride. However, the filmmaker did also comment that he would have to tone it down for his episodes of the shows to pass review. Still, audiences were excited to hear that Black still has an interest in the superhero genre, and may return to it in the future.

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Source: Collider

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