Shane Black's The Predator to Begin Filming by October

Shane Black Predator movie details

Shane Black's The Predator has been largely kept under wraps, with the director revealing precious little about what he has planned for the franchise. The good news is that it doesn't appear to be a full-on reboot of the property, with Black revealing that there's a chance Arnold Schwarzenegger himself could reprise his role from the original Predator in some capacity.

There is at least one thing that we now know about The Predator, though: When it's likely to start filming. Black recently revealed that he hopes to have cameras rolling by October of this year at the latest.

Speaking to AFP, Black revealed that things are moving forward with the film. His intention to make the movie into an "event" film may be playing a part in this, as it suggests the possibility of a larger return for the studio than your standard Predator film. According to Black:

"To the best of my knowledge, the train is rolling. It took some convincing because they've been putting out these movies all along with a $50-60 million budget, and they all had a guaranteed return. But there was never the sense that it was an event picture. It was more like 'I understand another Predator is coming out -- maybe we'll see it maybe we won't.'"

He went on to confirm that the movie will start filming "in the latter part of the fall -- September, October."

Shane Black says The Predator (2018) is an 'event'

Black, who actually appeared alongside Schwarzenegger in the original Predator as radioman Rick Hawkins, hopes to elevate the Predator films to a blockbuster status that they've never really had before. The original film is now considered a sci-fi classic, but opened to fairly lackluster critical reviews. Without revealing details beyond the film taking place 31 years after the original (that is to say, in the present day), it's clear that Black hopes to win over audiences in a way that none of the previous films in the franchise have.

It will be interesting to see what Black brings to the table for the Predator franchise. He directed Iron Man 3, which was large in scope, but it failed to resonate with a lot of fans despite enjoying a post-Avengers bump that landed it in the $1 billion box office club. Of course, he also directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was a smaller film but one that enjoyed a very positive reception, so he at least has the potential to pull off a film that fans and critics both will love.

The important thing is that Black needs to focus on making a good Predator movie more than making a good "event" film. He still has several months before filming starts to iron out the details, so let's hope that he can achieve his goal and give fans the Predator film that they've been waiting for.

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The Predator will open in U.S. theaters on March 2nd, 2018.

Source: AFP

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