Shane Black's The Predator Will Be Released In 3D

Shane Black's upcoming sequel The Predator is being converted to 3D. The Predator is intended to relaunch the franchise, which has struggled in recent years. The previous sequel Predators was also meant to reboot the series, and while it was a success it received mixed reviews, with many feeling it was just a loose remake of the 1987 original. The Predator is being pitched as a fresh take on the series - and while plot details are being kept secret, it's known the film will take place in the suburbs, and that a group of hospitalized war vets will end up facing the alien hunters.

Black is famous for mashing humor with action in his movies (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys) so the new Predator movie is said to be funnier than previous entries. Apparently, this played a part in the film being delayed, with rumors suggesting audiences were confused by the tone during test screenings. Co-writer Fred Dekker recently took to Facebook to confirm the movie is currently reshooting in Canada, and that a teaser trailer should arrive soon.

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Now, in response to a fan question on his Facebook page, Dekker also confirmed the movie is being post-converted to 3D ahead of its September release. While fans were optimistic about the news of Black and Dekker taking on The Predator, the project seems to be constantly in a state of flux. The release date has been pushed back more than once, the studio has been slow to release photos or footage from the production, and now it's been converted into 3D after filming wraps.

While some may take the above as bad omens, the studio has also invested a lot of time and money into the project and seems eager to relaunch the series. Reshoots are a common practice with major releases, and the delays could be seen as Fox giving Black the time he needs to finesse the movie. The Predator franchise is in need of a dramatic reinvention - especially after the lingering critical stink of the Alien Vs Predator movies - and if anyone can provide a fresh take on the material, it's Black.

An impressive trailer for The Predator would certainly help soothe fears about the project. While the movie is intended as a relaunch, it wouldn't be a total reboot either. The Predator will acknowledge the events of previous movies, with actor Jake Busey playing the son of agent Peter Keyes, who was played by Busey's own father Gary in Predator 2. The original script also included a prominent cameo for Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch from the original movie, though the star turned it down as he apparently wanted a larger role.

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Source: Fred Dekker

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