Shane Black Interested in Doing a Monster Squad Sequel

Monster Squad Shane Black Reboot or Sequel

The '80s resurgence that's currently overtaken Hollywood seems to have staying power. Netflix appears to be leading the charge with both Stranger Things and The Get Down; two popular series chock-full of  late '70s and early '80s nostalgia to go along with their great casts of young actors.

Let studios tell it, and the only thing more fun than a return to the decade that gave us some of the best action movies and one liners in film history, is rebooting classic monsters. Going even further back than Predator or Xenomorphs, fans will soon see a new wave of a shared monster movie universe helmed by Universal Pictures. If moviegoers can soon expect to see new versions of The Mummy, Dr. Jekyll, and The Invisible Man, what kind of heroes are going to stop them?

Director Shane Black is fully prepared to marry both the classic movie genre and 80s nostalgia by revisiting his 1987 film Monster Squad. In an interview with IGN, Black sees the potential to revamp his film given Universal's new monster movie direction.

"I'd love to revisit [Monster Squad]. I hope that somebody at some point says that it would be great. They have all these new Universal monsters... At some point, the Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein version... I wonder if there's room in the Monster Squad for that?"

Monsters Monster Squad Movie

Black mentions that Monster Squad was one of the first scripts he'd ever written, and that even though he enjoyed making the film, it completely bombed at the box office. The fact that it garnered cult classic status several years later still comes as a surprise to him. Vacillating between whether the new Monster Squad would be a reboot or a sequel, Black points out an obvious comparison, saying:

"The first thing I go to is the movie, or the book really, It by Stephen King, which is about kids who fight monsters when they're young, then as grown-ups they're sort of beckoned and they have to return to their childhood hometown. I don't know how [a Monster Squad sequel] would distance [itself] from that.”

With an already full plate, Black has a new Predator film in the pipeline along with directing Dwayne Johnson in a Doc Savage movie. However, he seemed genuinely interested in mulling over the idea of how a new Monster Squad film would work. "I think [it] could be fun," he adds near the end of the clip. Perhaps a studio will tap into Black's enthusiasm and strike while the iron is hot.

For now, Monster Squad, in either reboot or sequel form, is just a pipe dream, but Screen Rant will keep you posted if more news should develop.

Source: IGN

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