Shane Black Gives Doc Savage Movie Update

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Writer/director Shane Black (The Nice Guys) has been planning to produce a reboot of the classic 1930s and 1940s American pulp magazine serial Doc Savage for quiet sometime now. Starting way back in 2010, Black has been hard at work on the production featuring his personal take on the antiquated adventurer, in addition to having met with actor Chris Hemsworth (Thor) to star in the new film.

Unfortunately for fans of Doc Savage and Black, the premiere Hollywood filmmaker has been busy of late in the production of several big-budget blockbusters, such as Iron Man 3 from 2013 and the forthcoming franchise sequel The Predator, the latter of which is currently taking up most of the filmmaker's time and resources. Nevertheless, Black has seen fit to recently address the still under development Doc Savage reboot and offer insight in regards to its current status.

In the video interview featured above from HitFix, Black sat down to discuss his creative process in the development of the Doc Savage character, universe, and franchise for 21st century moviegoers, taking special care to point out his dedication to keeping the spirit and historical perspective of the original pulp-magazine serials in tact. Rather than updating all of the gadgetry and sci-fi elements with a more modern perspective of what the future might look like from a contemporary perspective, Black is dead set on preserving the future of yesteryear established by the original stories from the 1930s and 1940s in his Doc Savage film.

Doc Savage Original Cover Art

Provided Black is finally able to get around to producing his long awaited reboot of the Doc Savage franchise, the A-list filmmaker certainly has his chief source of inspiration for the film firmly in mind. Fans of the character and original pulp fiction adventure stories will be pleased to hear that Black intends to make his adaptation with the original narratives in mind, which should result in a wholly original and unique major motion picture (when and if it finally gets made).

For now, Black viewers will have The Nice Guys to look forward to later this month, in addition to his take on the Predator franchise come March 2018. Meanwhile, the rest of us still awaiting his take on a Doc Savage reboot can sleep a little easier knowing full well that the production is far from being shelved and forgotten in the annals of long-since abandoned motion picture productions.       

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Source: HitFix

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