Shameless: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

Hit Showtime series Shameless had a phenomenally relatable cast of characters, but occasionally, they really rubbed us the wrong way.

Shameless is known for having morally corrupt characters. Most of us grew up watching TV shows filled with squeaky clean role models for characters, so watching this South Side series often feels like a breath of fresh air because it portrays the worst traits in people rather than the best.

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Some characters on Shameless are willing to change, while others are stuck in their corrupt ways. Some characters aren't the epitome of all things evil, but that still doesn't mean we enjoy watching them. Which supporting characters do fans hate the most on the show? Read on to find out!


Fans of Shameless seriously had it out for Sammi, and it's not too difficult to understand why. At first, her character seemed rather sweet, and at times, just lost. She led a difficult life without knowing who her father was and she constantly found herself in and out of bad relationships. Yet as time went on and we got to know her character, we realized how terrible of a person she really was.

She was an enabler, she ratted out Ian, and she wreaked havoc upon the Gallagher clan when they were already dealing with awful situations. She even encouraged her thirteen-year-old son to engage in unseemly favors during his time at prison. What kind of person thinks that's okay?


Terry is simply the root of all evil on the South Side of Chicago, and that's saying a lot considering the series is filled with characters who have absolutely no moral compass. His character is downright terrifying, he is abusive in every way that he possibly can be towards his kids, and all he does is spread hate and fear upon whoever he crosses. Nothing about this man is endearing and whenever we see him on screen, we can feel ourselves getting furious.


Ford played Fiona's boyfriend in case you forgot, even though it happened just last season. We felt the need to remind you because he is just that forgettable. There are a lot of things more entertaining than watching Ford's character on screen, including the following: Watching paint dry. Staring at a brick wall. Waiting in line at the DMV.

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Basically, this guy is about as entertaining and interesting to watch as a wet dishrag. He brought nothing to the show, except perhaps one of Fiona's many spiraling downfalls, yet this made him more of a prop than an actual character with substance.


Sean was another character, like Ford, who brought absolutely nothing to the show other than poorer ratings. He and Fiona had no chemistry together and the fact that Fiona cheated on Gus with him felt all too repetitive. He was just an obstacle in the way of everything that made the series good. We were glad when Fiona left him at the altar because we no longer had to grab our remotes and fast forward through all of the scenes with him in them.


Trevor played Ian's love interest during a period on the show when everything just felt stale. We all knew that Mickey was Ian's true love, so there was no point in adding this additional character, who like many of the other love interests, felt more like a prop than an actual character. There was no edge or depth to his character and he and Ian didn't have all that much chemistry.


Tami is Lip's love interest on Shameless, and something about her character seems rather forced. Although there is nothing wrong with her character as a whole, the chemistry is just lacking between her and Lip. With past love interests such as Karen and Mandy, it felt wildly intriguing to watch unfold. It just doesn't feel all that exciting with Tami and Lip. There is nothing about their relationship that is really capturing our attention.


Robbie was the man who Fiona had an affair with when she was in a committed relationship with his brother, Mike. He was also the reason Liam had nearly died and almost became brain damaged due to his character supplying Fiona with cocaine. He caused a lot of drama on the series so we are thankful that he kept things interesting, but as a person, he was awful. He definitely helped with Fiona's downfall in season 4 and if it wasn't for him, maybe she would have never received a criminal record.


Sierra could have been a promising love interest for Lip considering she wasn't a terrible person and Lip tends to exclusively go for those types of unstable women. Remember when Mandy ran over Karen with her car? Remember when Karen slept with Frank even though she was with Lip? In a way, Sierra could have been a nice and normal breath of fresh air for Lip, but unfortunately, she was just too bland for us to make any sort of impact on the show.


Kelly plays Carl's love interest on the show. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with her as a character, she kind of seems like she is just there. At least with Carl's previous girlfriend, Kassidi, she was fun to watch and brought a sense of liveliness to the show.

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Sure, she was a terrible and possessive person, but she revealed a side of Carl that we've never seen before. When it comes to Kelly, her role seems rather safe and the chemistry between Carl and Kelly feels forced.


Lori is Carl's boss on Shameless at the seafood restaurant. Carl's dreams of becoming a member of the military were ultimately crushed after he had been kicked out, so now he is stuck working at a food joint. At least he is no longer stuck flipping signs outside. Yet, to make an incredible understatement, it makes us feel more than a little uncomfortable when she starts inappropriately harassing Carl at work. As we learn from Carl's coworkers, she has a history of this inappropriate behavior and it makes us despise her for taking advantage of him. We have seen our share of terrible people on Shameless, but it's rare when someone will stoop this low.

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