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Somehow and against all odds, the Gallaghers have survived another season on Chicago’s south side – so what’s in store for Shameless season 10? What will be Showtime’s longest-running show when it releases later this year, Shameless season 10 will be down its anchor in the absence of Emmy Rossum’s Fiona, so it’ll have some genuinely new ground to explore for the first time since Jimmy left. (And came back, and left again.)

Shameless season 9 didn’t pull any punches when it came to throwing obstacles at the Gallaghers – if anything this show is a testament to human endurance, for all the bad habits of its main characters. Fiona climbed to serious heights of entrepreneurship only to lose it all and finally descend into the alcoholism that plagues her family. Lip tried his best to help everyone he could only for his sponsee to relapse, Xan to get absorbed into the foster system all Gallaghers attempt at all costs to avoid, and his substance-loving girlfriend got pregnant. Debbie explored her sexuality which led her try and steal Carl’s girlfriend, only to get rejected immediately. Carl didn’t fare any better with Kelly, who dumped him for being clingy and also missed out on getting into West Point. Liam fared quite well, and Frank continued to use up more of his infinite lives showing no signs of slowing down or changing.

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Shameless season 9 ended in typical fashion, with major storylines wrapping up and leaving the Gallaghers in a somewhat stable position but with enough loose ends flapping in the wind that there will definitely be more trouble to be had in Shameless season 10. So when can audiences expect Shameless season 10 to release, and what will happen when it does?

Shameless Season 10 Release Date

Shameless season 10 is expected to release in fall 2019. After seven seasons of premiering in January and running until the spring, Shameless seasons 7, 8, and 9 released in the fall. Shameless season 9 also marked the first time Shameless grew from its standard 12 episode order to 14 and instituted a mid-season break. This could have been to accommodate a proper send-off for Fiona, but Shameless is still quite popular, so there’s no reason at this point to think that Shameless season 10 wouldn’t feature the same number of episodes and a mid-season break.

Shameless Season 10 Story

On a show as wacky as this one, there’s no telling what the Gallaghers will tangle with in Shameless season 10, but we have enough information to speculate. Surely there’s going to be some emotional fallout surrounding Fiona’s exit in the Shameless season 9 finale. Regardless of how much of their trust she broke in season 9, Fiona was still the emotional epicenter of the Gallagher clan. Her absence in Shameless season 10 will cause major ripples or it’d be a disservice to the character.

Debbie, in particular, has a nasty habit of thinking she’s far more mature than she actually is, and usually it’s Fiona who picks her up after something blows up in her face. Lip’s also been taking on more and more since getting sober, so he might hit a brick wall without Fiona to yell at or look to for help. For that matter, Vee will be without her closest friend for the first time perhaps ever - that’s bound to give her emotional speed bumps if (or when) Kevin does something boneheaded or her mother decides to meddle in one of her customarily strange ways.

But in Fiona’s absence, one Gallagher will return – Cameron Monaghan will reprise his role as Ian, who spent Shameless season 9 serving time for arson (while also sharing a cell with the love of his life). No doubt audiences will see him attempt to readjust to life after having been locked up and the limitations on his freedom that come with that. Frank will also continue to defy the odds by staying drunk, happy, and alive in Shameless season 10.

Shameless Season 10 Cast

Even with Rossum’s departure and Monoghan’s return, the Shameless season 10 cast is certainly going to be different compared to season 9. Kate Miner has yet to be announced for Shameless season 10, which means Lip’s impending fatherhood is in question. Shameless wouldn’t be above having her depart off-screen and introducing audiences to a Lip grossly affected by her departure in season 3. But speaking of love interests, the more pressing question is whether or not Noel Fisher will return in Shameless season 10. Mickey Milkovich and Ian’s love affair is by far the show’s most popular, so much so that they jumped through narrative hoops to get Milkovich to share a cell with Ian once his prison sentence began. It’ll be great to have Ian back, but he won’t feel complete without Mickey there.

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