Fiona’s Exit Doesn’t Mean You Should Skip Shameless Season 10

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Emmy Rossum exited Shameless at the end of season 9, resulting in a major absence of her character Fiona, the cornerstone of the Gallagher family, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't watch season 10. The Showtime series returns for season 10 this fall, an admirable feat for TV. Here's why viewers shouldn't skip the upcoming season despite the fact that Fiona left the series.

Since a young age, Fiona was tasked with being the primary caretaker for her five siblings. Her mother was usually absent and her father, Frank (William H. Macy), was a complete drunk. Over the years, Fiona fought tooth and nail to keep her family above water. It was tough at times, but she made many sacrifices to keep them afloat. In Shameless season 9, Fiona was the one who needed help as she made a few bad decisions in her business endeavors and her personal life. After turning to alcohol, she hit rock bottom but eventually overcame her struggles. By the end of the season, she realized that her siblings no longer needed her like they once did, so she left Chicago and traveled to an unknown location.

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Prior to Rossum's planned exit at the end of season 9, her co-star, Cameron Monaghan surprisingly exited the series. Monaghan played Ian, one of Fiona's younger brothers. After becoming a hero to the LGBTQ community, Ian got caught up committing a crime and was sentenced in prison for two years. It was assumed that Ian would continue being absent from the show but he made a cameo in the season 9 finale to say goodbye to Fiona before she left Chicago. It has since been reported that Monaghan will return in season 10 in one of the main roles. But that shouldn't be the only reason fans should be excited, because Ian's boyfriend, Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher), is also returning as a series regular.

Fisher confirmed the news that he was reprising his role as Mickey through a social media publicity stunt. His character made a guest appearance in season 9 revealing that he got transferred to the Chicago prison and was Ian's bunkmate. Shameless' favorite couple will surely get a lot of screen-time in the upcoming season as they are stuck together in tight confines. What kind of trouble they get themselves into, while already in trouble, is yet to be seen.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White), now the eldest Gallagher sibling on the series, will undoubtedly have a heavy storyline in Shameless season 10. Lip's girlfriend, Tami (Kate Miner), was revealed to be pregnant and he made it a priority to convince her how much he wanted to stay by her side. Lip becoming a father will be a major milestone for Shameless and it's a moment many viewers won't want to miss. Miner has been promoted to a series regular in season 10 so her story will be expanded beyond her pregnancy.

With Fiona gone, it will be interesting to see who fills the void left the longtime Gallagher caretaker. Debbie (Emma Kenney) has tried to fill in for the leadership role in the past but she often takes on more than she can handle. Shameless season 10 will also continue following the wild shenanigans cooked up by Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), who is finally back in military school. Of course, Frank will be heavily involved, and Liam (Christian Isaiah), the youngest Gallagher sibling, will pop in and out. Kev and V (Steve Howey and Shanola Hampton) usually have their own issues going on and that won't change.

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Shameless season 10 debuts November 3 on Showtime.

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