Shameless: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Shameless is a weirdly endearing series, and, though not every romantic relationship works out, some are truly amazing to see.

Heading into its tenth season, Shameless has graced television with a decade of drama. Fans have absolutely fallen in love with the Gallagher clan and their friends, a wild group of people just doing their best to survive. Granted, all their impulsive habits and decisions don't help.

One of the best parts of Shameless has always been the romantic relationships. Seeing the main cast go through ups and downs, fall in love, out of love, and all the messiness in between has been a unique treat. After all, no one quite does love like this family. However, not all relationships are created equally. While some are amazing pieces of compatibility art, others are a complete mess fans wish they never saw.

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10 Kevin and V (Perfect)

Kevin and V have been through a lot of hard times over the years. Shameless doesn't leave any of its characters unscathed, and, even though they are easily the most stable part of the show, they have worked through a lot. From Kevin's wife to V's infertility to their time as a Thruple, their relationship has weathered many storms.

However, through it all, Kevin and V always found a way back to each other. They balance each other out romantically, sexually, and as parents. They are an easy couple to root for when, at the end of the day, they always love each other. Granted, there isn't much competition for consistently happy couples, though.

9 Carl and Kassidi (No Sense)

Carl has made a lot of questionable decisions over the years. He is the Gallagher kid that's gotten in the most trouble with the law, has been the closest to being an active criminal, and has gotten involved in a lot of sketchy relationships. None are as sketchy as Kassidi, though, a rich girl wanting to rebel from her childhood. Carl and Kassidi matched each other in impassivity, getting married at a young age and so quickly into their relationship.

But, ultimately, the pair never made sense. Sure, Carl would definitely accept her initial advances, but he's so focused on money, military school, and his family, her need to rebel and be free wouldn't exactly mesh with what he wanted. Carl doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd let a girl get in the way of that... except he did, and it still doesn't make much sense.

8 Ian and Mickey (Perfect)

Now, are Ian and Mickey a perfect couple that people should aspire to emulate? Absolutely not. They both struggle to make good choices for themselves, and their lives constantly spin out of control. But are they perfect for each other? Definitely. Mickey brings out the more level-headed side of Ian and will do whatever he needs to to protect him. Ian brings out a softer side to Mickey, helping him move away from his violent, crime-ridden roots.

If only these two could be together, they'd find a way to move past their heritages and be better people. However, since Mickey can't be in the US and Ian can't leave his family, apart they stay.

7 Debbie and Matty (No Sense)

Debbie and Matt Shameless

Debbie getting a crush on an older guy isn't the problem here. That is a fairly common thing for a teenage girl to do. Yet, for Matt to have any interest in Debbie or interact with her? That's a yikes. After all, she was only a young teen and he was in his twenties. Even when they first met, there was no way he could have mistaken her for someone older.

Considering he backed off when she said her real age, it extra doesn't make sense. Either the dude is completely clueless or has a thing for way too young girls. Either way, it doesn't make sense or he's gross. The Debbie/Matt flirtation (and later illegal seduction) never should've happened.

6 Fiona and Jimmy (Perfect)

Jimmy isn't a perfect guy—maybe not even a good one, but he's the only guy Fiona ever dated that mixed both the things she was attracted to. He's both a risky bad boy and a good guy who loves family. Even though Jimmy was a car thief, he loved Fiona's family and supported her and them. They may have done reckless, impulsive, fun things but they were always back home to take care of the kids.

After Jimmy, Fiona only ever went after good guys who bored her and she ended up hurting or bad guys who always disappointed and hurt her. Even better, he always prioritized the kids' safety but also encouraged Fiona to have fun and live a little. They were the perfect match for each other, but they might never see each other again.

5 Frank and Queenie (No Sense)

Frank Gallagher and Queenie ShamelessFrank Gallagher and Queenie Shameless

Frank and Queenie's relationship was like Frank and Shelia's, but on steroids. She was a sweet woman with some serious quirks who, for mysterious reasons, loved Frank dearly. Queenie was good to the kids, helped around the house, and significantly bettered their home life.

Of course, that's not exactly what Frank loves in a woman. Even if Queenie was a sweetheart, his drunken, selfish habits always catch up to him. The fact they had a relationship at all was a miracle. Even though they made no sense, at least Queenie could bring some good out of Frank and the household for a little while. Before he messed it up again, that is.

4 Lip and Sierra (Perfect)

Lip and Sierra Shameless

The only reason Lip and Sierra didn't work out is because Lip was in a selfish downward spiral and didn't care about anyone but himself. While they were together, Sierra and Lip made each other happy, added stability to their lives, and encouraged each other out of bad situations. Sierra left her abusive ex, and Lip finally acknowledged his alcoholism. They weren't perfect people, but they worked well together and were always improving.

If only acknowledging his alcoholism didn't make lip turn on Sierra and encourage her to go back to abusive boyfriend (seriously?), that would've been great.

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3 Karen and Jody (No Sense)

Shameless plays quite a bit with age-gap relationships, but few feel as yucky as Jody and Karen. Jody was a grown man, and Karen was a teenager. He may have been dim-witted and well-meaning, but he was so much older and had nothing in common with Karen. He made more sense with Sheila than he ever did with Karen. She just was using him because... well, she's Karen.

Their marriage was always a sham. The worst part of their relationship, though, was that Shiela lost a man and child she loved just because she felt guilty that she "took everything" from her daughter. Yeah, that's not how any of that worked, but Karen and Jody were endgame, supposedly? Disappointing and nonsensical.

2 Frank and Monica (Perfect)

Let's emphasize that this does not mean they are couple goals. They aren't even a good couple. But are Frank and Monica perfect for each other? Well, when it comes to what they look for in a person, yeah.

Frank and Monica are toxic, but they do adore each other. He is always willing to go on her wild impulse adventures, and she brings out a softer side of him. They also do make each other happy, even if that comes with a lot of yelling, too. Maybe under better circumstances, Frank and Monica could've been a vagabond couple traveling the world on wild adventures. But, with their kids, trapped in Chicago? They never had much of a long-term shot.

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1 Fiona and Gus (No Sense)

Gus and Fiona Shameless

Ah, and now to possibly the dumbest relationship in Shameless history. While Fiona got more and more reckless over the seasons, her character truly jumped the shark when she married the good guy Gus after only a week of dating. Not only was that impulsive, but she only started dating him in the first place because his bad-boy buddy Davis had a girlfriend.

Understandably, this relationship evaporated quickly and only caused a lot of divorce troubles for Fiona and her family. Pure yikes. Gus, Fiona, and the fans all deserved better than this.

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