Shameless: 20 Things Wrong With Fiona Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless

Shameless is full of characters who often do shameless things. Fiona is at the heart of the show and is often the craziness. Because of all of the ways she's helped her siblings and held her family together over the years, it's easy to overlook some of her more wild and stupid decisions. However, she's just as messed up as the rest of her family, even though she's gotten her life together.

In the earlier seasons, Fiona became her siblings' legal guardian. However, it feels like she's completely forgotten about that now. She's either too involved or not involved enough in their lives, depending on the plot and what's going on in her life.

Fiona's success in her business ventures has come at the expense of others - and not just her family. Once she decided to get her professional life together, her life got back on track. She should have had more trouble, whether with the diner, laundromat or real estate, but she's managed to steer clear of most of it.

Then, there are her relationships. Not only has she not made the best decisions when it comes to men, but she's also made choices that poorly affected others. She could have even ruined strangers' lives, simply because of how she felt after her ex-fiancé got his act together. She also hasn't always been faithful, even to the better men in her life.

The best thing Fiona could have done for herself — and her family — would have been to stay single at multiple points over the past nine seasons. She even declared intentions to do so. However, she didn't follow through and didn't seem to care.

With that said, here are the 20 Things Wrong With Fiona On Shameless Everyone Chooses to Ignore.

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20 How She Got Her Dog

On the one hand, Fiona did a nice thing by saving a dog from losing its life. However, on the other hand, the dog had consumed human flesh. One of the older tenants in her building passed away. However, it took some time before anyone realized what had happened.

Her pet was hungry, and the dog only had one option for food.

When Fiona entered the apartment, the dog ran into Nessa's arms and started licking her face. Fiona became the dog's new owner, but she wasn't about to let it do the same to her. In cases like this, animal control normally steps in — and for good reason. Fiona still has the dog in season 9, and it seems like she's completely forgotten its history.

19 Her Involvement in Her Siblings' Lives

Shameless Gallaghers

How much Fiona cares about her siblings and what's going on in their lives is inconsistent. She fought to become their legal guardian in lieu of Frank (because of all his Frank-ness). However, since she's become successful with her businesses (the diner, laundromat, and real estate), she rarely intervenes. She lets them do what they want, occasionally offering her opinion. She only steps in when the plot dictates it.

It's been good to see Fiona get her own life together professionally. However, Shameless needs to better balance her involvement in her family's lives. There are times it seems like she couldn't say one thing about what her siblings are doing. Considering how crazy the Gallagher family can be, that shouldn't be true.

18 Her Careless Partying

Shameless Season 4 Episode 5 Fiona

The problem wasn't that Fiona celebrated her birthday. It wasn't even necessarily the substances (though that was illegal). Instead, it was her carelessness leaving the illegal substances out where her younger siblings — particularly the youngest, Liam — could get to them.

Things tend to get pretty wild with the Gallagher family. It's easy to just chalk an event up to it being Shameless. However, this one went too far. Liam accidentally ingested the illegal substances that Fiona left lying around, and he had to go to the ER. Fiona was rightfully arrested. Furthermore, she violated her probation. What happened to Liam should have been a wake-up call — for everyone — but it wasn't. Five seasons later, it's like it never happened.

17 She Took Advantage of Etta

Shameless Season 7 Episode 8 Etta Fiona

Fiona offered to help Etta deal with the "suits" trying to buy the lease on her laundromat. When she couldn't get a loan for the agreed upon amount, she took advantage of Etta not remembering their previous conversation.

She agreed to let Etta continue to live upstairs, but did absolutely nothing to help her.

The poor woman was eating cat food, and Fiona was probably the only one in a position to notice. Instead, she used Etta's credit card to help fix the laundromat that she bought from her. Frank treated her better when Etta thought he was her late husband, and that's saying a lot. Fiona then sold the laundromat — and Etta's home — and sent her off to an assisted living facility.

16 Her Quick Marriage To Gus

Shameless Fiona Gus

Fiona's relationship with Gus might have been one of the smarter moves she ever made. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, especially compared to some of the other men in her life. So, of course, it couldn't last. Maybe if they hadn't rushed into marriage or Fiona didn't have a habit of destroying her relationships, they could have lasted. Instead, they got married after dating for about a week.

It seemed like Fiona's attempt at some stability with Gus led to more instability in her life, which contributed to the downfall of their relationship. She didn't even know how to tell her family the news. That was a sign that she hadn't made the right decision to get married in the first place.

15 She Got Engaged... While Getting Divorced

It took a while after they separated, but Fiona and Gus finally began divorce proceedings in season 7. That meant she had to return his ring, which she'd pawned. She couldn't afford to get it back, but her boss/most recent boyfriend, Sean, negotiated a cheaper price. Though he was upset with her at the time, he showed up with the ring at arbitration in the lawyer's office.

He then proposed to Fiona… while she was getting divorced from Gus, who was watching, and she said yes because she forgot she should be single for a while. Fiona and Gus might not have been together for a long time before their divorce, but why did no one see anything wrong with this proposal?

14 She was unfaithful to Mike... With His Brother

Fiona has made some bad choices when it comes to men, but Mike wasn't one of them. His brother, however, was. Sure, dating her boss wasn't the best move, but he wasn't a bad guy. However, at that time, Fiona wasn't ready for a good relationship. She was addicted to chaos, just like Mike's brother, Robbie, told her. It made sense, considering that she cheated on Mike with him.

She had to know that it wouldn't end well, for her or her relationship, especially since Robbie struggled with illegal substances.

He was the one to give her the substances that Liam accidentally consumed. However, it was Mike, despite their break-up, who posted her bail after the incident. Still, she partied with Robbie after that because he was who she was with at the time.

13 She Never Swore Off Men or Dating for Long

Shameless Fiona Leaving

While Fiona and Gus were in the middle of their divorce, she decided that she should be single, which was the right move for her at the time. After all, she'd been married to a guy she'd been dating for a week before they took that leap. She'd also cheated on him — and he wasn't the only one to whom she wasn't faithful.

Yet soon after she made that declaration, she said yes to Sean's proposal. Whenever Fiona swears off men or takes a break from dating, it never lasts as long as it should. Furthermore, she never seems to care even though being single — truly single — is probably what she has needed at multiple points over the past nine seasons.

12 Her and Jimmy/Steve's Entire Relationship

Oh, Fiona and Jimmy/Steve. They could have been a great relationship. They could have been the relationship of Shameless. The only problem was that there were multiple problems — with him and with their relationship. Jimmy/Steve wasn't who he appeared to be at first, but that didn't stop some fans from rooting for his and Fiona's relationship to work anyway.

Instead, Jimmy/Steve was just one of Fiona's bad habits she couldn't break — even when she was in another relationship. He'd leave, they'd seemingly be over, then he'd return and they'd fall back together again. It's gotten to the point that even though that relationship seems to be over for good, we still kind of expect her to get together with him if he ever shows up again.

11 Her Recent Professional Success

Shameless Fiona Landlord

Fiona started working at the diner after she spent time in jail. She had accidentally left illegal substances out, and her youngest brother, Liam, had ingested some. Over the years since then, Fiona has become the manager of the diner, she took advantage of an elderly woman with dementia who owned a laundromat, and she got into real estate. She's also been moderately to illogically successful at each venture. She has struggled along the way.

However, as tends to happen with the Gallaghers, she's made it out on top — and at the detriment of minor or supporting characters and her family.

The problem isn't that she's doing well. She deserves it after what she gave up for her family in earlier seasons. However, she should have failed at one of those business ventures.

10 Her Determination to Ruin Sean's Life Affected Strangers

After Fiona and Sean's relationship fell apart, he returned, sober, to make amends. While she still had feelings for him, he'd moved on and married someone else. Fiona thought his new wife stole her life, so she decided to clue her in on his past. She went to his hotel and yelled about him at a woman she thought was his wife. However, this poor woman was a stranger, and she'd just affected someone else's relationship.

No matter how hurt Fiona was, the stranger didn't deserve that — and Sean's wife wouldn't have either. However, because this is Shameless, those other characters don't really matter. Fiona was well within her right to yell at Sean for what he did and for returning to make amends. However, she took it too far by involving other people.

9 How She Dealt With the Squatters in Her Building

Shameless Season 8 Episode 11 Fiona Ford

Fiona has a habit of taking things too far when it comes to getting what she wants or what she feels others owe her. Take, for instance, what happened when she had to deal with squatters in her apartment building. After a contractor working on the roof hurt himself, she let his family move into a vacant apartment for a couple of days. When they wouldn't leave and changed the locks, she took action and went full blown Gallagher on them.

She ended up smoking them out of the apartment, which was a tad too much. It accomplished what she wanted. However, consider the fact that the origins of that idea stemmed from Frank's suggestion of how to deal with them. No one should ever do something that Frank would do to solve a problem.

8 Her "Tough Love" Approach to Debbie's Pregnancy

Debbie made the decision to get pregnant and have a baby against Fiona's wishes. Fiona did what she could to stop her, including putting her on birth control and warning her that she wouldn't help her raise a baby.

However, once Debbie became pregnant and had the baby, Fiona's "tough love" approach didn't just affect her sister - it also affected her baby, Franny, who was completely innocent.

The problem here is that Fiona couldn't help Franny without helping Debbie, but you have to feel for the baby. Franny ended up just like other minor and supporting characters on the show. She might be a Gallagher, but she's not one of the main characters, so the focus of that storyline was Debbie. Franny was just an afterthought.

7 She Didn't Care About Liam's Education Until Season 9

Shameless Liam School

Surprisingly, it was Frank who showed the most concern about Liam's education in season 8. Unsurprisingly, it was for Frank's own benefit. However, he at least put Liam into school, even if he didn't care about his education. It wasn't until season 9 that Fiona seemed to care if her youngest sibling even went to school.

Frank's affairs with the other parents at the private school led to Liam's expulsion. He suffered because of the bad deeds of his father. He tends to lose out because the rest of the family is often dealing with one or more crazy scheme. Fiona finally became involved and enrolled him in public school — after he helped her with her own career. That should have happened sooner, since she did fight to be his legal guardian earlier in the show.

6 Her Friendship With Veronica Can Seem Lopsided

Shameless Veronica Fiona

Because the Showtime series is mainly about the Gallagher family, other characters tend to lose out. They're just used as supporting characters in the story. Though Veronica and Kevin are better off than pretty much anyone else in their lives, they still haven't necessarily been given the focus they should have at times.

That's true when it comes to Fiona and Veronica's friendship as well. Because Fiona is a main character on the show, her storylines tend to be prioritized. Since Veronica and Kevin had children and Fiona became successful professionally, it feels like that's even more true. Their friendship can change as they grow, but in season 9, it feels like their relationship has taken a backseat.

5 Liam's Role in Her Real Estate Success

Shameless Season 9 Episode 2 Fiona Liam

Though Liam was in private school in season 8, Frank's affairs with other parents led to his expulsion. Before enrolling Liam in a public school, Fiona took him around as her assistant when she tried to make a real estate deal. Not only did she not fail,  but it worked out quite well for her in season 9.

Fiona was successful, but in large part this was due to her youngest sibling.

Could she have ended up making the same deal without Liam? It's doubtful, considering how he was coaching her on word choice and making her seem more important than she was, which helped a lot. It's something that wouldn't happen outside a television show, but Shameless is determined to let Fiona find success, so it did. However, it was all thanks to Liam.

4 She Seems to Have Forgotten That She's Her Siblings' Legal Guardian

Shameless Gallagher family

Fiona is the legal guardian of her siblings, yet in recent seasons, they seem to be low on her priority list. That's not to say that she should be looking out for them at her own detriment, but she should know more about what's going on in their lives — and at home — than she does.

She's moved out, and she's only involved in their lives when it's convenient for her and necessary for the plot. However, there are times when she's a bit too involved or does things that would make sense as their guardian. She wanted to bail Ian out of jail and she cares about Liam's education in season 9. She essentially treats all of her siblings the same, though some are minors and are thus technically (and legally) her responsibility.

3 Her Choices in Romantic Relationships

Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless

Fiona has only made good choices when it comes to her relationships a few times over the past nine seasons. For the most part, she's made the wrong choice when it comes to any type of romance. She's cheated more than once, se got married after dating a guy for a week, she said yes to a proposal while she was getting divorced, and she kept going back to a guy who lied to her about who he was. When she's with a good guy, it doesn't tends to last.

Her most recent love interest, Ford, might not be the worst person she's dated, but their relationship wasn't stable. After all, she just found out that he's married. Since she's getting her life together professionally, it's about time she does something about her personal life as well.

2 She Was Unfaithful to Gus With Jimmy/Steve

Gus was a good guy, despite how things fell apart between them after they got married. However, what could you expect when a couple gets married after dating for a week? When Jimmy/Steve reappeared in her life, she gave in, as she tended to do whenever he showed up.

She was unfaithful to her soon-to-be husband with her ex-boyfriend, and that was the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Really, Gus was lucky to get out when he did because the Gallaghers are a mess. Fiona's brief affair with Jimmy/Steve was just the beginning and a sign of things to come. She also was with Sean while she and Gus were still married. She even ended up accepting Sean's proposal in front of Gus during their divorce.

1 She Pawned Gus' Ring

Shameless Fiona pawn shop

Fiona and Gus finally moved forward with their divorce in season 6. However, he wanted his grandmother's engagement ring back — which Fiona had sold to a pawn shop. Considering the fact that she was the one to mess up their relationship (by cheating), it was a cold move to pawn his family heirloom.

She couldn't afford to get the ring back, and this is where the worst of it occurred. Sean, her boss and sort-of boyfriend, was the one who could afford the new price for the ring with his credit card. When he showed up with the ring, during Fiona and Gus' arbitration, he proposed to her. Fiona pawning the ring kick-started the events that led to that moment.


Are there any other things wrong with Shameless's Fiona that everyone chooses to ignore? Let us know in the comments!

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