Shameless: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

The characters on Showtime's Shameless are among the most complicated in all of television. Growing up as members of a broken family and as part of a rough neighborhood has hardened them. With a history of abandonment, abuse, mental illness, and addiction, these aren't people that we're used to seeing make good decisions.

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That's part of the reason why most of the characters on this show have had a handful of bad relationships. Fans can get frustrated watching their favorites choose mates who are terrible for them. But every once in a while, we get the kind of relationship that we can't help but root for. We've listened to the fans, and are ranking the top and bottom five romantic relationships on the series.

10 Rejected: Fiona And Ford

Fans have seen Fiona Gallagher make some really bad decisions on the show. So when she began dating Ford, it seemed okay. It wasn't like when she married a guy on a whim or when she cheated on someone good with his brother or when she nearly married a drug addict.

However, it was still easy to reject this romance for one reason — it was incredibly boring. That's not a word used in the wild world of Shameless very often. At least Fiona's past mistakes were entertaining. This was a drag and the culmination of the storyline made the whole thing pointless.

9 Behind: Lip And Sierra

Ruby Modine is an asset to any show or film that she joins. That was the case with Shameless when she arrived as Sierra. Lip is a character who fans adore, yet his constant impulsive poor choices make it difficult. His romantic life never worked out after Mandy Milkovich left the show.

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Sierra changed that. She was someone audiences could root for. And more importantly, her time with Lip served to make him a better person. Lip began showing mature feelings and truly cared for her son. When he ultimately let her go because it would be best for both of them, it marked a major sign of growth.

8 Rejected: Lip And Helene

See what we meant about Lip's romantic life being problematic? During his time in college, he entered into a fling with his professor, Helene Runyon. It is a plot development we have seen countless times in various shows and films. But this one came with an extra twist.

Helene was a married woman and her husband was okay with her hooking up with her student. In fact, he was in attendance for some of it. Helene held all of the power in the relationship. Add in the fact that it put both her career and Lip's bright future in jeopardy and you can understand why nobody wanted to see it happen.

7 Behind: Frank And Monica

Is it true that both Frank and Monica were terrible parents? Sure. Were they bad for each other romantically and just about in every other way possible? Absolutely. But who couldn't help but root for them? As broken as they both were, their love for one another was undeniable.

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Even when Frank was at his most unlikable, if Monica came around, you can be sure he'd light up. He wanted to fix her even if it was an impossible task. His reaction to her death was one of the most heartbreaking moments on the show. We always had the slimmest hope that they'd end up together and help unite their family.

6 Rejected: Carl And Kassidi

It's hard to cheer for an abusive relationship. That's what Carl found himself trapped in when he started dating Kassidi. She was the definition of clingy, needy, and manipulative. It was fun at first for Carl, but the more serious things got, the worse it became.

Kassidi posed for a selfie with a  dead body they discovered. She did everything in her power to stop Carl from returning to military school, which he badly wanted to do. She even forced him to marry her so he couldn't escape the relationship. Her level of selfishness might be unmatched on a show filled with those kinds of characters.

5 Behind: Fiona And Jimmy/Steve

As soon as Shameless started, we were introduced to Steve. He's the guy who spotted Fiona at a club and promptly swept her off her feet. Despite all of Fiona's issues, he was constantly there for her and her family. His checkered past eventually came out and his real name, Jimmy, was revealed.

Even with all of this and marriage to another woman out of fear due to his criminal past, we still wanted to see Fiona and Jimmy/Steve together. Fans loved him so much that he was secretly brought back at the end of Season 4. Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum had electric chemistry and it's a shame that their characters weren't each other's endgame.

4 Rejected: Debbie And Derek

For many fans, Debbie became one of the most unlikable characters in later seasons. Her pregnancy storyline was an interesting call but the character kept making bad decisions and was ultimately annoying. The relationship leading up to the pregnancy wasn't much better.

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As soon as we saw Debbie fall for Derek, you could sense trouble. While he wasn't mean, he was kind of bland and came along at the wrong time. Debbie tricked him into getting her pregnant. But then he left to avoid his responsibilities as a father. This was bad all around.

3 Behind: Ian And Mickey

When you really think about it, this wasn't a good relationship. Yet it worked spectacularly. Mickey was the ultimate tough guy with a violent past. Ian was the gay guy he sometimes targeted. Sparks flew and they eventually hooked up, revealing Mickey's true feelings.

Mickey spent forever denying this and keeping their relationship a secret. But they were destined to be together. Mickey and Ian were always there for each other at the worst of times. Viewers loved this relationship so much that you can find any number of fan fiction pieces or blogs dedicated to them.

2 Rejected: Fiona And Sean

Fiona generally has awful taste in men. Sean was right near the top of the list. For one thing, these two never had the electricity that we want in a good romance. Fiona and Jimmy/Steve this wasn't. It often looked like the two actors didn't care to share the screen with each other, yet we were supposed to buy them as lovers.

Things got really ugly when they nearly got married. Frank revealed to everyone that Sean had been using heroin behind Fiona's back. That's a real problem considering he had been posing as a recovering addict. This broke Fiona's trust and cemented it as a bad relationship.

1 Behind: Kevin And Veronica

The greatest, most likable, and strongest relationship on the show doesn't even involve the Gallaghers. Instead, it belongs to their next door neighbors and best friends, Kevin and Veronica. These two love each other dearly and have gone through so much together.

Kevin and Veronica constantly find new ways to spice up their relationship. They genuinely enjoy each other's company and would die for one another. Their relationship has survived Veronica's mother having one of their babies, a crumbling business, and their lover/rival Svetlana. Through it all, we love Kev and Vee as much as they love each other.

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