Shadows: Awakening DLC -The Chromaton Chronicles Review

Shadows Awakening Chromaton Chronicles

Although Shadows: Awakening at first glance seems akin to the wealth of games following in Diablo’s footsteps, it has a central gameplay device that helps separate it from the crowd. In Shadows: Awakening, players are able to swap between realms, and between characters, with a quick tap of the button, effectively giving the user four playable characters at once and providing them with some unique puzzles. Now, Shadows: Awakening has received a DLC pack in the form of The Chromaton Chronicles.

Shadows: Awakening - The Chromaton Chronicles is not a major expansion by any means. Rather than those seen in other games, such as Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, The Chromaton Chronicles doesn’t provide anything revolutionary to the player, and instead has a central focus. Developer Games Farm has made a new character for the player to control, and provides a fun little quest in order to get them.

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As such, the Arcanum Laboratory in the city of Thole has now opened its doors to the player. The setting itself matches its name, full of steampunk charm through polished bronze and pseudo-magical equipment. It fits in well with some of the other parts of the game, providing the player with a scenario that feels close to the Dwemer ruins found in Skyrim, albeit in a much better state of repair.

Shadows Awakening Chromaton Chronicles Laboratory

Within the Arcanum Laboratory, the central gameplay consists of what works about the game: swapping between realms to both fight and solve puzzles. There’s no real context given for these situations, with Shadows: Awakening expecting the player to at least have a basic grasp of how the game operates. This isn’t content made specifically for veterans – the recommended level for the player to try this is a paltry four – but nonetheless by now players should have gained at least a basic understanding of the mechanics.

It’s all relatively simple: go snooping around the Arcanum Laboratory, pull some levers, and release some tortured souls that have been scattered, somewhat laboriously, around Thole. The reward for defeating one of these new extra enemies is a color-coded piece of the game’s new character, the Chromaton Golem. Piece by piece, the player is able to put together this golem, before finally bringing it to life and having a quick battle to bring it into line.

Controlling the Chromaton Golem when it’s been unlocked is a lot of fun. A hard-hitting piece of machinery, its steampunk style and unique special attacks such as circular saws work well to bring something new to the table. It’s nothing that entirely changes the way Shadows: Awakening operates, but still a worthwhile addition to a player’s roster.

As such, those going back to Shadows: Awakening for a repeat play should bear in mind that this DLC is available. It doesn’t pull up any trees, but it’s a neat extra quest and an enjoyable bonus character that could prove to be a favorite with those after an extra bit of play. It’s not a must-have by any means, but still does what it says on the tin at a relatively low price.

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Shadows: Awakening - The Chromaton Chronicles is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Screen Rant was provided with a PS4 download code for the purposes of this review.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5 (Good)
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