Shadow of The Tomb Raider Gets Review Bombed For Going on Sale So Soon

Square Enix's Shadow of the Tomb Raider is coming under fire for a massive discount on its retail price just a month after it was released to the public. Although Shadow of the Tomb Raider debuted to largely positive reviews online, Square Enix's sale on Steam has led to some players leaving purposefully negative reviews.

As the concluding part of the rebooted Survivor Timeline that started with 2013's Tomb RaiderShadow of the Tomb Raider was supposed to be one of 2018's biggest games and win players over with its impressive graphics and detailed storyline. While there are plenty of positives and some fans are loving Shadow of the Tomb Raider, others are picking out some fair and unfair faults.

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According to Shadow of the Tomb Raider's Steam page, the game has dropped from 'Mostly Positive' to 'Mixed' in recent days. An influx of negative reviews can be found (mainly from Chinese players) that don't even mention the actual gameplay. One user wrote, "Love how this game goes on sale a month after release. Consumers get fkd for pre-ordering," while another posted, "Ripppppppeeeed off for the pre order, thanks guys, half the price for the dlc pack after a month, woowwwww."

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Stealth Attack

If you sort Shadow of the Tomb Raider's reviews by 'most recent,' it's easy to see where the majority of the complaints are coming from. Those who bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider early are clearly unimpressed with the game's marketing campaign. Since the October 16 sale started, over 66% of all reviews for Shadow of the Tomb Raider have been negative. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was originally released on September 14 before Steam's 34% discount. It's good news for anyone who hasn't already bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider, also meaning they can pick up the Croft Edition - including all the upcoming DLCs - for 47% off the original price.

Worryingly, the Steam sale has prompted lots of gamers to ask what's the point of pre-ordering games. Likely to have a knock-on effect for future titles from the publisher, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider sale could have a detrimental impact on pre-order sales. That being said, not all of the negative reviews are aimed at the sale. Some highlighted audio problems, uninteresting characters, and coding glitches.

The Steam sale is already coming to an end and Shadow of the Tomb Raider will return to its original price. Still, enough players have been able to pick up a copy for a fraction of the cost and anyone who buys the game now will likely have a grumble that they missed out on a bargain. Although Lara Croft has been put to bed (for now) in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, only time will tell if a similar marketing mistake is made with the inevitable sequel/next reboot of the long-running shooter series.

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