Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide (Complete Game Walkthrough)

Here is a complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide and walkthrough, covering every level and tomb from Eidos Montreal's 2018 video game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is now available on consoles and PC, and it marks the third and final installment in Square Enix's rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy. While the first two games were developed exclusively by Crystal Dynamics, Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal took charge on the latest chapter, arguably giving Lara Croft her definitive adventure.

There are multiple difficulty levels that can factor into how long it may take each player to beat the game, but the average length is about 15 hours. And while the game is quite linear and does make it rather easy to navigate, there are certain parts which can be somewhat difficult - and that's why we created this helpful, extensive guide/walkthrough. Note that this guide was created by playing through the Xbox One version of the game, hence the control tips being determined using the Xbox controller.


After the opening cinematic of the plane crash, Lara is shown seemingly stuck in a crevice inside a collapsed cave, which takes place two days earlier. In order to escape, players need to repeatedly tap X until the knife breaks and then Push Up on the thumbstick to escape.

Once you escape the cave, walk forward until you get to the end of the path, and a prompt should pop up on the wall on the right, telling you to Press X to begin climbing. Starting climbing by Pushing Up on the thumbstick, staying on the discolored path. (That color is an indication of what rocks players can climb throughout the game.) Continue to follow the onscreen guide until Lara reaches atop the ledge.

Once reaching the top of the ledge, start running along the path until you get to a shrine, at which point a cutscene will start. The PROLOGUE will end once the cutscene concludes.


Follow Jonah down the stairs into the town square once the cutscene ends and search for Dominguez. He will be at the southwest corner of the courtyard (looking at the map), near a wooden gate. Once Lara gets close to that area, she'll alert Jonah that she's found Dominguez and then a cutscene will start.

Walk through the crowds as soon as the cutscene ends, towards the wooden gate on the far-side of the area. Once Lara gets close enough, Dominguez will walk through the gate. Continue to follow him down that pathway. If you're ever lost, simply click the right thumbstick to locate the objective.

A certain point will come when Lara won't be able to follow Dominguez directly. At that time, continue to walk past the guard and down the pathway, going around the building. Eventually, you'll get to a ledge and hear Dominguez's partner talking on the phone about you - don't attempt to climb that ledge. Instead, keep walking ALL the way down the path until you get to a hold in a brick wall. Lara will crawl through that hole. After crawling through the hole in the wall, turn right and run through the open gate. Once you get to a wooden fence, Wall Scramble up it to climb over. A cutscene will start.

Go down the muddy path until you get to a pipe. Crawl through that pipe, and once you emerge out from the other side, crawl into the bushes. You can click the right thumbstick to see which bushes/areas are safe for stealth. That's when the game will prompt you to Stealth Takedown the enemy standing in front of you. After doing that, a prompt will pop up, showing you how to assassinate the other bad guy by using your bow.

Once the cutscene is over, you can peruse the area for loot and materials. When you're done, head to the stone wall on the other side of the area and Wall Scramble up to the stairs. That's when the first real traversal portion of the game begins. Players should start by running and jumping towards the wall directly across from the ledge. Press X to attach to the wall when you're close. Climb down until a prompt comes up showing you how to rappel to the pathway below. From there, run down the path and jump towards the wall directly in front, grabbing a hold of the wooden ledge. Then start to go left around the rock. Once you reach the end, look to the left, jump onto the wall across, and climb/rappel down.

Again, when you get to the bottom, run and jump towards the wall directly in front. But instead of going down, this time you'll move to the right. Then climb up to the top of the rock. After that, Wall Scramble up the rocks in front of you, and then jump and grab a hold of the white-colored ledge.

Go right on the ledge. When you get to the end, start climbing down. Try to rappel down until you get to the discolored area. Once there, move the left thumbstick side-to-side to generate enough momentum to jump to the wall on the right side. When you're attached to the wall, go right a tad bit. Then, begin to rappel down and use the left or right trigger and move the left thumbstick back-and-forth at the same time to generate enough momentum in the swing to jump and land on the slab in front of you.

Enter the cave and continue going forward until you get to a sealed off doorway. At that point, the game will prompt you to use your bow and arrow to shoot the rope, pull on it, and remove the objects obstructing the passageway. Continue through the cave until you get to the water. Before diving in, be sure to check the area for any loot and crafting materials. When you're done, dive into the water and begin swimming forward. You'll eventually swim through a crevice, so don't be alarmed if you think you've reached a dead end. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft can't hold her breath forever, so players will need to go up for air every once in a while - and those areas will usually be revealed onscreen.

Lara will start to run out of breath as players near the end of the water cave and gets stuck in the collapsed exit. When that happens, a prompt will show up telling you to continually Press X in order to free Lara. Once you're out of the water, continue through the cave, but be watchful of traps (example above). You can either cut the tripwires or simply jump over them. After passing the trap, run forward and jump onto the wall directly in front. Climb up and you'll be inside in the underground temple.

The next part is a bit tougher. When you get to the pit area, you'll need to jump from one platform to the next - across three platforms - until you get to the other side, but don't immediately jump onto the fourth platform. Instead of jumping onto the next platform, run to the right and go around the wall until you get to a wooden cart. Push that cart forward, and then use your bow and arrow to break the wooden slabs in front of it. Then, climb the stairs on the right side and use that platform to start jumping across to the other ledge on your left side.

When you've reached that ledge, run forward until you get to a rope. Use your bow and arrow to shoot to rope across from you and attach it to the post on your left side. After reaching the other side, continue down that path until you get to the next platform. After jumping onto that platform, you'll see the next one get stuck in some debris. Jump to the wall on the left and climb up. From there, go towards the wooden cart on the right and push it down to the center area. Once it crashes, go to it and pull it back a little bit until it's set in place.

Then run up to the area in front and use turn the wheel just enough so the cart is facing towards the debris, with the back to you. Then, cut the rope that's attached to the center platform and rope tether the cart to the wheel next to you. Turn the wheel to pull the cart up the hill. Once it's at the top, cut the rope and the cart will roll the down the hill and break through the debris, thereby dislodging the second platform.

In order to get to the ladder that the cutscene shows, don't go back the way you came from. Run up to the ledge on the right side instead. Use that to jump onto the first platform and then onto the ladder. Otherwise, there wouldn't be enough time. When you get to the end of that pathway, Wall Scramble up to the golden-colored ledge. Move to the right and then rappel down until you trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, begin running through the cave and breakdown the wall at the end using the pickax. Shortly after that, you'll get to the game's first real combat area. Take down the person operating the generator and then go to left. Climb up the wooden wall and proceed to the next area. Once there, use the bushes and the vegetation walls to quietly take out all the guards patrolling the area. Note: When you use the right thumbstick to highlight enemies, those highlighted yellow are safe to take down whereas enemies highlighted red can be seen by other enemies. Therefore, assassinating them may result in all the other enemies being alerted.

After taking them out, continue moving forward and climb up the two walls in front of you until you get to the next combat area. Take out all the enemies, including the guy on top of the walkway. Be careful not to alert them. Otherwise, even more enemies will show up. When that's finished, continue under the archway and open the gate directly in front using your pickax. A cutscene should start not too long afterward.

The next part is one of the more intense sequences early on in the game. While being carried by the tsunami, players need to use the thumbstick to move side-to-side to avoid the debris. First, go right, then left after you drop down. Once you pass the two people on the truck and see a building collapse in the middle, go left. After clearing that area, push all the way right in order to avoid the debris. You'll then hit a log. (That's supposed to happen.) When Lara grabs onto the door, push forward to grab onto the next door frame.

The following sequence takes place underwater. Players need to swim fast to get to the point where Lara can go up for air. The game should prompt you at the right time. If it doesn't, look for light coming from the ceiling. Then swim towards the Exit sign, and you'll use the pickax to pry open the door. Once the door opens, start swimming towards the truck lights at the top. Lara will then enter the car and try to break the glass in the back of the truck. When she surfaces, you'll once again be in the tsunami - go right and then left. When you hit a wall, climb it.

When the boat breaks the concrete slab, run and jump onto the truck in front of you, then the green sign, and then the walkway on the left. Run up it and use the lamppost to swing onto the next platform. You'll then use the next lamppost to swing onto a container, and then jump onto concrete right after. You'll need to be fast to clear the next part.

Jump onto the wall in front and climb to the right. Wall scramble up the wooden post on the left and then immediately jump up to the white ledge in front of you, once Lara stands up. Then start moving to the right, all the way around the corner, hopping from one ledge to the next. When you get to the end, you'll need to jump up two more ledges quickly. Otherwise, you'll fall down and die. Once you clear those ledges, a cutscene will start and the level will end.

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