Octavia Spencer Praises The Shack's Poignancy

Octavia Spencer in The Shack

In Stuart Hazeldine’s The Shack, Octavia Spencer plays Papa, a mysterious figure that comes into Mackenzie Phillip’s life after tragedy strikes him and his family.

Screen Rant spoke with Spencer at press day, where we talked briefly about the success of her recent hit Hidden Figures, what drew her to taking part in The Shack, and what part in The Shack touched her the most.

Man, you’ve had quite a few months with Hidden Figures and how well it did. How’s that wearing on you with the excitement? Are you in shock still?

Octavia Spencer: No. I’m pretty thrilled. I’m just taking one day at a time and riding this crazy emotional rollercoaster. It’s a pretty fun ride.

With Hidden Figures, just with the story that it is and the power behind it, do you feel that with all of the press and things that are going on with equality, do you feel that this movie is really going to make a difference in the near future? Obviously one could hope so […]

Octavia Spencer: You know, exactly, one could hope. I am just glad that the story is being told. The more we tell stories that haven’t been told, the more we allow for inclusion.

And speaking of with The Shack, a story that is beautifully well-written, what drew you to want to be a part of this?

Octavia Spencer: I love the book. I read the book a few years prior to the ever mention of a movie. So I, like everyone, millions of people who read it all over the country, was taken with the story.

Octavia Spencer in The Shack

Is there a particular scene that touched you the most? I know for me it was Mackenzie holding his child, repeating, “I forgive you,” as he was walking down.

Octavia Spencer: Hm. I, um, I think the moment when he asks Papa why he is there. And she says, “This is your flying lesson.” And I thought that was a very poignant, very beautiful way to describe allowing him to grieve, and then leaving that grief behind.

Yeah. That was beautifully written and I know it touched my heart. Something else, I know a lot of fans had you at the top of their list for Amanda Waller for Suicide Squad.

Octavia Spencer: [laughs]

And then, you’ve been a part of the Divergent franchise. Would you ever be interested in partnering with DC or Marvel in that universe?

Octavia Spencer: Sure. Why not? If it’s a character that, uh, you know, warrants it, absolutely. Why not?

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  • The Shack (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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