Bresha Webb Interview: Sextuplets

After playing Marlon Wayans’ mortal enemy for 2 years on television, Bresha Webb is now portraying his wife in Netflix’s new film Sextuplets. When the movie drops on August 16th, Webb will play the supportive spouse who watches her husband embark on a mission to meet his birth family. The actress talked to Screen Rant about crafting her chemistry with Wayans, as well as which of the onscreen siblings she identifies with most.

Brilliant job on this film. It’s so much fun, and I know you and Marlon have worked together in the past. Can you talk to me about how the dynamic may have changed, working with him now? Because you guys have such great chemistry together.

Bresha Webb: I mean, I’ve never kissed him on the mouth. I had to like him, you know what I mean? On our show Marlon, I was his nemesis, pretty much. I was the Pam to his Martin. And so, when he wanted me to play this character, Marie, he was like, “I want you to play my wife. It’s gonna be weird; you gotta kiss me on the mouth.” I was like, “Eww!” And he was like, “Take it, okay?”

So, yeah. That changed, but it’s so great. We’re already great friends, so to just be there and be beside him while he took on this journey was just a dream come true and an honor.

Alan’s mission here is to find his siblings. Talk to me about how Marie views this mission and how she supports it.

Bresha Webb: Well, I mean, they’re expecting their first child, and he was given up for adoption as a baby. And he wants to know where he comes from, who he is, and how he can pass that onto his child. As his wife, I’m like, “Of course, babe!” So it’s a funny little story how my family helps out in that. But it sets him out just to go find his family and things get crazy, of course... And she has to be like, “Look! Get your ass home!” It was great.

I’ve known a few Russells in my life, and I love Russell – I love that character. Who’s your favorite sextuplet? I know you’re going to get asked that a ton.

Bresha Webb: I know, I can’t choose! I mean, I love Russell, I love Dawn, I love Ethan, I love Jasper, I love Baby Pete. I love all of them. I love all of them, because every little piece is just so different. And it just goes to say how Marlon is, and how much soul he put into every character, even Alan.

Alan is so different from him. He has no swag, and Marlon is super swaggy. Just to see how he just took so much pride and care into every piece of every character, it just says so much. It goes beyond the prosthetics.

Bresha Webb and Marlon Wayans in Sextuplets

I feel like you can see yourself in these sextuplets in some kind of way. Which one do you most identify with personally? Alan?

Bresha Webb: Dawn. I would say, for me, it would be Dawn and Ethan. Because I got a little something in there, from Baltimore a little bit. But Dawn, she’s fly. She’s like Real Housewives of Atlanta; she’s crazy. I love her, like, “Hot tamale, I’m sweating!” She’s hilarious, so I would be like her.

Marlon told me something last night: he doesn’t like doing a lot of takes. He likes doing long takes with a lot of improvisation. Can you talk to me about that experience and the chemistry you guys had of just building together?

Bresha Webb: Well, you just go for the ride, you know? You just armor yourself with as much as you can; I take as many notes [as I can] when I’m reading the script and little things that come to mind, and I just write them on the side. Little punchlines I can have ready, because when you say “action!” to this man right here? You’re gone! Boom! It’s off to the races; freaking horses just going, going, going.

So, you gotta have them ready. You gotta be ready to spar with him and just go. I break a lot, because he makes me laugh. He really makes me laugh, but you’re off to the races and you’re going and you gotta bob and weave. So, it was a lot of fun.

I was at a dinner table with him last night, and he was going. It was amazing.

Bresha Webb: He starts the sweating, you better go!

Well, you did an amazing job. I loved this film; it was so much fun.

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