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Sex Education Season 1 Jackson

Jackson Is The Wildcard At The End of Sex Education Season 2

Though Jackson opens himself up to Maeve in the final episodes of Sex Education season 1, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that he’s mostly interested in himself. That’s not entirely his fault, as he experiences immense pressure to succeed as a swimmer, and as the school’s preeminent athlete. 

Because a Maeve and Otis hook-up feels inevitable in Sex Education season 2, that makes Jackson the odd man out. When he’s ultimately rejected by Maeve, it’s not hard to imagine Maeve’s brother Sean returning to defend his sister’s honor. After all, the end of Sex Education season 1 accentuates a growing bond between Sean and Jackson. Some things are built to be broken, though.

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At the school dance in Sex Education Season 1, Jackson acknowledges that he paid Otis for personal information about Maeve. That moment will likely come back to haunt him, and his unresolved personal issues suggest that he’s not a person that easily accepts defeat.

Otis' Mental Health Depends On Dr. Jean

Asa Butterfield as Otis and Gillian Anderson as Jean in Sex Education

In Sex Education season 1, Otis manages to find a healthy line of communication with his mother. With that said, Dr. Jean blatantly disregards her son’s request that she not sleep with Ola’s father. So, it seems that Otis will suffer another setback when his evolving personal life parallels that of his mother. 

The final episode ends with Otis finally climaxing after a first kiss with Ola. In fact, he appears to levitate. Throughout the entirety of Sex Education season 1, Otis agonizes over sexual scenarios, all the while offering insightful advice to his peers. Now it seems he's finally able to help himself... so to speak.

Based on Ola’s personality, she seems like someone that could be a life-long friend to Otis. She might even become his long-term girlfriend. Still, the ending of Sex Eduction season 1 implies that Ola's character arc probably exists to help Otis overcome his fears and anxieties about sex and relationships, thus making him ready to begin a relationship with the experienced Maeve.

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