10 Sex & The City Storylines That Were Never Resolved

The HBO series Sex and the City is still hailed as one of the best sitcoms with an all-female ensemble cast. From cosmopolitans to fancy shoes and designer clothing, Sex and the City's legacy has continued on since the series went off the air. It ran for six seasons in total and had two movies made after the series wrapped.

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To this day, people still question whether or not they're a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda. Regular re-runs of the series air regularly on television and you can binge the show on HBO and Amazon Prime. All this means more people are getting exposed to it and realizing there were a few storylines that were left unresolved.

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10 Miranda's son is named Brady Brady?

Miranda and Steve are one of the main couples of the series. They were on again and off again but for the most part, it was always written in the stars that they would wind up together. Even when Steve got cancer, Miranda was there to support him. In fact, she actually had sex with him after his surgery to help him realize that his cancer didn't make him less of a man.

She wound up pregnant because of it and decided to keep the baby, which she named Brady, after Steve's surname. The thing is, Miranda eventually married Steve, which would make their son's name "Brady Brady." In the credits, her son is listed as Brady Hobbes, but this detail is never discussed in the series which makes it seem like their son is carrying the same name twice.

9 Why couldn't they afford another night in Abu Dhabi?

During the movie, Sex and the City 2, the girls are invited to stay on an all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi after Samantha is approached by a sheik to do a lucrative PR campaign. Thus their whirlwind vacation begins. But towards the end of the film, Samantha gets arrested for public indecency and the sheik cancels his arrangements.

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He tells the women they have to fork over $22,000 to stay at the hotel another night or leave immediately. They choose to leave but why didn't they pay up? Between all of them, they clearly had the money. Think of how many designer outfits they wore. They flew first-class. All of them run successful businesses. It seems odd they wouldn't be able to afford another night in the room.

8 Carrie's column

In a way, Carrie Bradshaw was kind of like the original Gossip Girl. She regularly wrote columns about her love life, sex, and general problems she was having in her life. But one would think by doing this she could create all sorts of problems with her real-life friends and love interests, right?

This is addressed in one episode when a guy she's dating is nervous about how her column could wreck his reputation; otherwise, it's not really brought up much which is strange given how revealing the column is. She does tend to use code names but surely her friends could have deduced who was who?

7 Carrie's Wasting a ton of money on her old apartment

In one of the Sex and the City movies, Carrie is shown revisiting her original Manhattan apartment. It's strange she would have still kept the place (for years after moving out) when she lives with Mr. Big. Why does she continue to keep the apartment?

Is it just because of the memories she has there? Surely the money she pays on rent could be better spent on something else? Doesn't it seem like she's keeping a back-up apartment in case something goes wrong with her marriage? To me, that would seem like she isn't fully invested in the relationship.

6 How could Carrie afford her apartment?

Speaking of Carrie's apartment, how in the heck did Carrie afford an Upper East Side apartment in the early days of the series when she was writing one column a week? It makes more sense later on in the series when she's found success, but the show doesn't even mention how difficult it is for her to pay her rent early on.

I suppose that would ruin the series' fantasy if they had their characters working about serious issues like a livable wage but then she could have always started out in a smaller apartment in a less sought-after area.

5 How did Aidan have a baby?

After Aidan and Carrie break-up, Carrie eventually runs into him again. When she does, he has a baby around six months old, named Tate. But how did Aidan manage to have a baby in the eight months between when he and Carrie had broken up? Was he secretly cheating on her?

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It's doubtful, but it does mean that the writers missed the mark on the timeline between their relationship ending and Aidan seeing someone else. In-world, the implication is brushed over so it was probably not considered by the writing team at the time. But keen-eyed viewers might wonder how that was possible.

4 Whatever happened to Dennis?

In season three, there is an episode where Charlotte is trying desperately to meet a new man. Her married friend, Dennis, agrees to help set her up with a single friend of his. Yet, every time Charlotte tries to get a date set up, Dennis blows her off. Finally, he agrees to set it up only to show up and admit he's in love with Charlotte and doesn't want her to meet his friend.

Charlotte is disgusted because Dennis is married and she runs out of the restaurant. Dennis chases after her. Then, Charlotte falls down in the street and another man, Trey, helps her. We never see Dennis again! Obviously, he was just meant to cause conflict but you would think he would have at least helped her up out of the road.

3 Aidan showing up in Abu Dhabi

This wasn't necessarily an unresolved storyline but it sure was a weird one. After finally moving on with Mr. Big, who should waltz back into Carrie's life but her other big love interest, Aidan. We're supposed to believe that of all the places in the world Aidan would show up, it happened to be in Abu Dhabi at the same time as the girls trip in Sex and the City 2?

Clearly, this movie was a mess from start to finish. It was strange then too, that not only did Aidan happen to run into Carrie here, they also shared a brief kiss. I mean, I liked Aidan and Carrie as much as anyone else, but this plot basically reopened a storyline that had already been completed on the series.

2 Aidan's apartment

The second time Aidan and Carrie got together, everyone thought that it would finally work out. But Carrie was never ready to let Aidan in all the way. Even after cheating on him the first time with Mr. Big, it quickly became clear she still wasn't invested enough in the relationship to be tied down. Aidan was ready for them to move on to the next phase.

He wanted to knock down a wall between their apartments and everything. But after they break-up again, he leaves her a legal document saying she has to buy back her apartment or get out (since it is legally Aidan's). How the heck did Aidan get all the documentation done overnight? It's never talked about.

1 Why doesn't Mr. Big have Carrie's number?

In the first Sex and the City film, there is a scene where Carrie loses her phone and she has to get a new one. This is obviously done so that there is a reason to add more conflict between the continuing drama of Carrie and Mr. Big. For some reason, when Carrie gets a new phone, she is forced to change her number. That's not typically how getting a new phone works. There's no real reason why she should have had to change her phone number.

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There is actually a lot of strange decisions made in this film regarding cell phones, including Charlotte's daughter having Carrie's phone at one point, as it rings incessantly and yet no one hears it somehow. You'd think they could have come up with more original ways to add dramatic tension to the story.

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