'Sex and the City' Prequel With Blake Lively Being Considered

Did you think last year's under-performing Sex and the City sequel (no pun intended) was the last you'd hear about the experiences of New York "working class" gal Carrie Bradshaw? Writer/director/producer Michael Patrick King has other plans and wants to adapt a prequel novel penned by original SATC author and columnist Candace Bushnell, titled Summer and the City.

King reportedly also has his sights set on Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively to play a nineteen-year-old version of Miss Bradshaw in the prequel, which would take place long before the events of either the popular HBO TV series or the two feature film spin-offs.

Bushnell has understandably milked the Sex and the City name for all its worth, and last year published another bestseller that revolves around the experiences of an adolescent Carrie Bradshaw, called "The Carrie Diaries." Summer and the City is the not-yet published follow-up that chronicles the iconic (now, formerly) single lady's move from smaller-town Connecticut to the bustling glamor (and if we're being honest, romanticized fantasy) of life in metropolitan New York City.

While it should go without saying that neither Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis, or Cynthia Nixon will be reprising their SATC roles in Summer, Grazia has a quote from a source closer to the project, confirming just that. As the insider puts it:

"The prequel is about breathing new life into the story and exploring Carrie's first few months in NYC and the beginning of her relationship with an older man."

So long as it doesn't involve Carrie and her companions "liberating" the Middle-East, a la Sex and the City 2, Summer and the City should be a step up for the franchise... right?

Sex and the City prequel in the works

Lively is beginning to move beyond merely playing inexperienced teenagers in movies like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or being known solely as Serena from Gossip Girl. She pulled off a convincing New English accent in her role as a single, drug-addicted mother in Ben Affleck's The Town, and could become a member of a rather different popular franchise if this summer's Green Lantern proves to be a hit. It's not so much a question as to whether Lively could make for a charming and endearing younger version of Carrie Bradshaw onscreen - it's more a matter of whether it's worth her (or anyone else's) time to keep the Sex and the City franchise alive.

Would you be interested in seeing Lively star in Summer and the City?

Source: Grazia (via /Film)

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