Sex And The City: The 10 Best Outfits, Ranked

Sex and the City is all about love. Love of friendship, love of romance, love of NYC, and (most importantly) love of fashion. The characters on the HBO series wear clothing that is so unforgettable and iconic that we had to go and make a list of the best outfits worn on the show. Whether it's Carrie's spunky tutu skirts or Charlotte's classy sundresses that channel Liz Taylor, each character offers incredible ensembles throughout the series that inspire us to empty our wallets and update our closets.

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So without further ado, here are the 10 best outfits on SATC, ranked.

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Okay, so we totally had to put this look on the list just because of SJP's abs. Plank, much?

In this scene, Carrie and Aiden have just gotten back together after their messy split, and our favorite sex columnist has to work to win back the affection of her man. Although it takes more than a killer outfit to fix a broken relationship, her look here definitely helps. Look at how gorgeous this woman is! Can she please teach us her magic? Aiden was clearly a fool for flirting it up with that other woman at the bar while his girlfriend was standing there in that outfit, looking like a perfect ten. No wonder she dumped him.


That brilliant yellow coat could stop New York City traffic! The PR queen surely knows how to dress with a mixture of sophistication and playfulness which perfectly sums up her character as a whole. While Samantha may often present herself as a woman who is only looking for a good time, we learn throughout the course of the series that she is so much more than that.

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She cares deeply about her friends and she will do absolutely whatever it takes to be the most successful businesswoman in all of Manhatten. Her colorful yellow jacket proves she can be fun and daring while the black dress adds a poised look to the whole ensemble. This is the perfect look for Samantha Jones who is as elegant as she is spontaneous.


This look screams "Carrie Bradshaw" in the best way possible. Carrie's got a thing for tutu skirts, most likely because they make her look like the fashion princess that she is. If we spotted her on the streets of New York we would question whether or not she's royalty. She surely dresses as though she belongs in a castle! The best part about Carrie's classic style is that we know that she isn't dressing for anyone else.

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She's not dressing for Mr. Big, she's not dressing for Aiden, and she's not dressing for her friends. Carrie Bradshaw dresses purely for herself and that is what makes her looks so memorable and praised. It takes guts to dress in such a bold manner which is what makes her 10 times better than it already is. And it's already pretty amazing.


Charlotte's look is the epitome of Barbie in a businesswoman outfit, and we're obsessed. How cute can an outfit get? It makes us smile just looking at this getup! We're getting serious Elle Woods vibes here as well, which is definitely not a bad thing. All Charlotte needs is her own little dog to snuggle up inside her purse.

Now that we think about it, she does have an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Elizabeth Taylor. Her puppy would totally complete this bubbly look, but hey, we're not complaining. Charlotte York-Goldenblatt looks as poised and perfect as ever.


There's nothing like a dress that is accentuated with vibrant splashes of color. This playful dress reminds us a lot of Carrie's personality, which is far from boring or average. In fact, Carrie is pretty much the opposite of boring and average, which is why this dress works so perfectly for the New York writer.

It's essential to find outfits that can mesh well with your personality because something as simple as your clothes can give people an idea of what you're all about. Clearly, Carrie is all about excitement and fun!


Here's Carrie, back at it again with the killer abs! Carrie Bradshaw invented the long skirt/crop top combo look and she owns it. This isn't the kind of outfit worn by the timid, so she proves to the world that she's open-minded. All we can say is if Mr. Big and Aiden saw her in that outfit, they'd be dueling each other for Carrie's hand in marriage right then and there. All of Big's commitment issues would totally go down the drain if he spotted Ms. Bradshaw in this iconic getup.

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We apologize for the extensive use of the word "iconic," but it's difficult not to use this word when referring to Carrie Bradshaw's style. Thank for your patience.


Carrie looks absolutely breathtaking in this sundress with the perfect charm necklace to complete the look. Our favorite fashion guru looks so elegant in this outfit which gives off 1960s vintage vibes reminiscent of Mad Men. All we can say is Betty Draper would certainly give her nod of approval to this classically feminine look.

It reminds us of an outfit all of the famous fashion starlets of our time would wear. We could see Jackie Kennedy wearing this, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor. The point is, it's a timeless dress that will turn heads until the end of time.


Carrie is channeling an urban Princess Peach look in this beautiful outfit, complete with a feathered clutch and a flawless smile. Look at how happy SJP seems in this dress. This is the smile of a person who loves the skin they're in. With that sort of confidence, you could rock any look. Luckily, Carrie's confidence allows her to wear such bold outfits that always manage to stand out in a crowd.

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Like some of her previous dresses from above, Carrie clearly isn't afraid to show off outfits that are more vintage than "happening." She doesn't care about what's considered "in." All she cares about is wearing outfits that she feels most beautiful and comfortable in.


Charlotte York Goldenblatt proves with her style that "timeless" will always trump "trendy". Since the beginning, Charlotte has always dressed in her classiest and most feminine attire, which is perfect for her specific personality. Her regal sense of style would make Elizabeth Taylor (Charlotte's idol) so proud!

She's clearly the more reserved and uppity of the bunch, yet her outfits prove you can look conservative and sexy all at once. The outfit that she rocks here from the Sex and the City movie is the obvious star of the entire film... Sorry SJP.


Remember when Carrie moved to Paris with "The Russian" aka Aleksandr Petrovsky? She thought her move to the greatest city in Europe would be all baguettes and romance, but instead, it turned out to be a living nightmare. Carrie felt completely alone and isolated because she couldn't speak the language of everyone else in the city and her boyfriend was too busy taking her for granted to notice her flawless gown. There's nothing worse than getting all dressed up to go nowhere, and that is exactly what Carrie does in this scene.

She may be heartbroken, but at least she's radiant- all thanks to that beautiful dress. Where does one get a dress like that? We're dying to know.

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