New 'Sex and the City 2' Trailer

Warner Bros. has released the official Sex and the City 2 trailer, which sees the famous four big city girls (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha) dealing with (what else) the difficulties of life, marriage, love, and parenthood.

This time, however, the four ladies won't just be strutting around New York in high fashion.  Instead, they're off on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Abu Dhabi ("played" in the film by Morocco), where they'll spend their time riding camels, drinking in exotic nightclubs, and (in Carrie's case) running into their ex and possibly jeopardizing their marriage.

Don't believe me?  Check out the trailer for yourself:


Now, chances are you're either looking forward to this flick or you were never interested in anything Sex and the City related to begin with.  That said, as someone who's actually seen several episodes of the original show and the 2008 Sex and the City movie, I feel semi-qualified to actually discuss this pic.

One of the big complaints (and a legitimate one) I heard from Sex and the City fans about the first movie was that it both looked and felt like six full episodes from the show strung together and simplified into a just-under 2 1/2 hour-long film.  It had all the expected melodrama, fabulous production design, and witty dialogue, and yet everything in the movie felt parred down from the show - the exact opposite of what you would expect with a big-budget film adaptation.

It looks like writer/director/producer Michal Patrick King (who helmed the first Sex and the City film) took that criticism to heart and is doing everything bigger in Sex and the City 2.  However, moving the girls out of their native New York seems like a bad idea - not to mention that (judging by the trailer) the theatrics in Carrie's life this time around seem more contrived and over the top than they were in the first film (and that is saying something).

So what do fans think?   Will Sex and the City 2 be bigger and better than the first movie?  Or will it have the same problems as Sex and the City and then some?

Sex and the City 2 will make its way into theaters on May 28, 2010.

Source: Youtube, /Film

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