Sex and the City 2 Plot Details

After 2008's blockbuster Sex and the City film effectively wrapped up all of the loose ends of the popular HBO series, many fans wondered what a sequel to the film could possibly be about? Well, now we know... sort of.

According to Steve Weintraub's wide-ranging interview with writer/director Michael Patrick King at Collider, for Sex and the City 2, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda will be exploring the ins and outs of love and life in Abu Dhabi. You heard it right. On May 27th, Warner Brothers is taking the girls into the desert. (They're going to be riding camels and everything.)

Why Abu Dhabi? King explained that he wanted the film to be about "how women today in New York City are still struggling with traditional roles no matter how evolved they are" and he thought that the city of Dubai would be an interesting place to explore that theme.

"I thought tradition, tradition and then I thought about where’s there a lot of money with no shame attached and then I thought about the Middle East and because of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and their extravagance and their whole PR machine, which is it’s the new Middle East and the future. I thought, great and the idea of Samantha Jones, sexually liberated beyond anyone’s expectation going to the Middle East started to make me amused. And so then I started building the other story around that."

Without going into too much more detail, here is a bullet list of some of the other things Steve learned in his interview, which you should really check in its full form if you're a Sex and the City fan.

  • He [King] tells a great story as to how he came up with the story for the sequel and it involves the fans.
  • They filmed in Africa as the Middle East wasn’t ready for the girls.
  • He points out very few movies actually show what happens after happily ever after.
  • He brings back Carrie’s ex. He says he always asks people Mr. Big or Aidan… and they’re both in the movie as Aidan is where the girls go on vacation.
  • We will still see lots of fashion and style even with the economic downturn.
  • Liza Minnelli plays herself but Penelope Cruz and Miley Cyrus don’t.


    While I know I'm putting my man card on the line by saying this, Sex and the City was actually a fairly enjoyable show (or at least it seemed to be from the few episodes I've seen). Of course, considering that the series is one of HBO's most successful shows in history, I suppose that isn't news to anyone. Still, I feel obligated to mention it since the prevailing wisdom among dudes is that Sex and the City is boring at best and mind-numbingly terrible at worst.

    Although I didn't see the first movie, I know that it grossed more than $415 million worldwide, so there's no reason to expect that the second film won't also be successful. Then again, even a movie with a super devoted audience like Sex and the City needs a good story to earn that much money. So, with that in mind, what do you think Sex and the City fans? Does the "tradition" theme sound interesting to you?

    Sex and the City 2 hits theaters May 27th.

    Source: Collider

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