'Seven Psychopaths' Images: A Hollywood Tale of Crooks & Dognappers

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Martin McDonagh's darkly comical, yet genuinely somber tale of two hit men laying low on a "vacation" - ie. the Oscar-nominated 2008 film In Bruges - is one of those cult titles that dedicated movie geeks seem to pretty much unanimously love. Hence the excitement among cinema lovers for Seven Psychopaths, McDonagh's new strange tale of moralistic criminals, deranged oddballs, and all the violence that breaks out when their worlds collide.

Post-production is reportedly underway on Seven Psychopaths, which CBS Films is eying for a Fall 2012 release. Today, we have the first official stills from the film, along with some additional plot and character details that offer an early look at McDonagh's pulpy yet satirical examination of the writing process.

Seven Psychopaths reunites McDonagh with his In Bruges leading man, Colin Farrell. This time, Farrell is playing a Hollywood screenwriter not-so-coincidentally named Marty, who finds himself struggling for inspiration while writing a script titled... Seven Psychopaths. Farrell's character intentionally sets out to encounter "bizarre personalities" to serve as the basis for his screenplay, but has little to no luck with the task, despite the support of his girlfriend Kaya (Bright Star's Abbie Cornish) and best friend/unemployed actor, Billy (Sam Rockwell).

That all changes when Billy pulls Marty into his "side business," where he teams up with a professional dognapper named Hans (Christopher Walken) - "a religious man with a violent past" - to steal people's beloved pooches and return them for reward money. Things thereafter take a turn for the ugly when Billy and Hans steal a shih tzu named Bonny, who belongs to Charlie (Woody Harrelson) - a gangster who doesn't stop to think twice before killing anyone he believes could be responsible for the disappearance of his beloved pet.

Check out the main cast of Seven Pyschopaths in the image gallery below:

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Seven Psychopaths to Martin McDonagh will be what Adaptation is to Charlie Kaufman, with regards to how it sees the storyteller put his own very recognizable spin on a self-reflexive examination of how screenwriters (or writers in general) manage to produce original content. That alone makes this flick sounds like a must-see for both hardcore film lovers and fans of McDonagh's particular brand of entertainment.

McDonagh's proven ability to create memorably loopy characters, tell stories that readily mix brutal violence, drama, and comedy - in combination with the great main cast - also makes Seven Psychopaths read as being all the more fun.

That's not to mention the kooky side players in Seven Psychopaths, which include Olga Kurylenko (Centurion) as Harrelson's mobster's girlfriend, Gabourey Sidibe (Precious, Tower Heist) as "an unlucky dog walker" - and musician/actor Tom Waits as "a rabbit-petting weirdo" who Farrell's character interviews while doing research for his script.


We will let you know when Seven Psychopaths has landed an official theatrical release date.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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