Randy Couture Joins Bruce Willis, 50 Cent & Ryan Phillippe In 'Setup'

Stunt coordinator Mike Gunther is putting the final touches on the cast of his first theatrical feature, 'Setup.' Randy Couture joins Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.

Setup Bruce Willis Curtis 50 Cent Jackson Randy Couture Ryan Phillippe

In November we mentioned that Bruce Willis and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson might star in Mike Gunther's first theatrical feature, Setup. We now know those two are confirmed in the film, in addition to Ryan Phillippe.

Now, news comes of Randy Couture's involvement in the action heist movie that the director calls a "guys-guys kind of movie." Couture has been one of the most successful MMA stars in Hollywood, having recently starred in The Expendables and is expected to return in The Expendables 2.

Setup follows a group of criminals on the hunt for revenge after a diamond heist goes wrong. According to Hollywood Reporter, Couture will play "an enforcer who works for a local crime lord (Willis) tasked to oversee Jackson on an assignment." If you have a problem with his acting ability, you may want to enter with caution because he'll likely have plenty of lines. In addition, director Mike Gunther's background as a stunt coordinator may lend to some favorable opinions of athletic stars.

I've shared my doubts on Fighters Turned Actors before, but there is no question they are a mainstay in entertainment. Fans of MMA will most likely check out one of the sport's stars on the big screen and every demographic matters, especially in the action genre. There is no doubt these fighters can handle the physical demands of an action movie and that, along with their fanbase, gives them a leg up on many actors.

Randy Couture in The Expendables

Fellow movie blog Before The Trailer snagged an exclusive interview with Gunther, who discussed the film in detail. The writer/director shared an extensive synopsis of the movie.

"There’s three young men that grow up together on the wrong side of the tracks and basically they’re into petty crime and one has this religious background. He was being raised to be an altar boy and he broke away from that. The two other boys he runs around with… They’re just kids being kids and they decide to pull off a bigger heist than what they’re accustomed to. [Let’s just say… things don’t go exactly as planned.] It’s a really gritty, kinda of a guys-guys kind of movie. You know, guys being guys and having to deal with what’s right and wrong? I know what right and wrong is, but I’m still going to get what’s mine – you know, kinda thing? I think that’s really more the dilemma."

Based on the cast and the director's background, we can definitely expect an action epic. The only question that remains is whether the story and performances will suffice. Bruce Willis brings extensive experience as an action star and Ryan Phillippe has dabbled in the genre with MacGruber, Breach and Bang Bang Club, but nothing as hardcore as this movie sounds. Couture adds a bit of legitimacy to the characters in this film as far as the action element.

Does Setup sound like your kind of movie or will you wait for more news to gauge your interest? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Before The Trailer

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