Seth Rogen Developing Liberal-Conservative TV Comedy

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are developing a new political comedy that pits a liberal against a conservative family. Throughout his nearly two-decade career in Hollywood, Rogen’s career has collided with politics in various ways. There was the time, of course, when hackers reputedly working for the government of North Korea sought to censor his film, The Interview, and nearly succeeded. Rogen has given lots of interviews about the oft-fraught subjects of political correctness and comedy, while also being among many to point out that the Judd Apatow films he’s starred in, despite their raunch, often have underlying values- in favor of monogamy and the nuclear family- that are more conservative.

Rogen often delves into politics on his Twitter feed, giving his more than 7 million Twitter followers left-of-center political takes while also highly outspoken about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and other incidents of sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry. He even fought with conservatives over American Sniper, a film that he ultimately praised. Now, Rogen looks ready to get even more explicitly political in his work.

Seth Rogen and his longtime writing partner Goldberg are teaming up with Will Reiser on a new “liberal-conservative comedy” in development at ABC, Variety reported. The series is unnamed as of now. It follows a liberal man from Berkeley who moves to a blue collar town in Western Pennsylvania to be with a love interest, along with the woman’s “reactionary conservative” father and her “precocious, war-obsessed eight-year-old.” According to Variety, "this colorful family is learning day by day how to build a life together despite their differences."

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This show sounds like one of a long line of sitcoms, going back to Norman Lear’s All in the Family in the 1970s, that deal with the generational political differences between otherwise loving families. Family Ties was the 1980s version, ingeniously flipping the All in the Family script by making the parents the idealistic aging hippies and the son (Michael J. Fox) the Reaganite conservative. More recently, NBC's The Carmichael Show applied the Lear tradition to the age of Obama.

This idea sounds especially ripe for the Trump era, a particularly contentious time of division within families, and across geographic and ideological lines. The key, as with the other shows, will be making all of the characters compelling and sympathetic, regardless of the views of the audience. It's also unclear, considering his work on Preacher, Future Man and various movies, how much day-to-day involvement Rogen will have with the project if it goes forward.

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Source: Variety

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