Seth Rogen Explains The Green Hornet Villain

Yesterday we reported on the news that Nicolas Cage is in early talks to star in the upcoming comic-book movie, The Green Hornet. But beyond that, we didn't get any details on just what villain might be apart from the fact that he's some sort of gangster-type character. However, today we get word from lead actor Seth Rogen, who describes just what The Green Hornet villain is all about.

Rogen spoke to MTV about the role Cage will be playing, explaining the reasoning behind having a newly-created villain instead of bringing back one that's already been established in The Green Hornet universe. Here's what the actor had to say:

"There was no classic villain, so we had to create a villain... [he's] not over-the-top. We wanted him to be very scary... We don't feel that that's where the comedy in the movie should come from, necessarily."

Rogen also talked to MTV about the current status of The Green Hornet and described the film as being in, "heavy pre-production." He says that they're currently, "writing and building sets," as well as, "coordinating the stunts and fights and chases...It's crazy," he added.

I guess Rogen's explanation suggests what type of performance we can expect from Cage as The Green Hornet's foe (if he gets the gig, that is) - the character sounds like the perfect showcase for the version of Cage we've seen in films like Wild at Heart, Face/Off and Kiss of Death. I can put to rest some of the worries I had when this casting news first emerged yesterday.

However, on the whole I'm still quite worried about The Green Hornet as the cons still far outweigh the pros, the biggest point of issue being the now-lack of Stephen Chow. But nonetheless the project isn't a total disaster in my eyes - at least we have the creative mind of Michel Gondry at the helm.

Now we just need to know who's going to replace Chow as Kato...

What do you think about Nic Cage's 'scary villain' role in The Green Hornet?

The Green Hornet is scheduled to hit theatres on July 9th, 2010.

Sources: MTV Splash Page via ThePlaylist

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