Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Producing Superhero TV Series

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Fresh off the success of their adaptation of the comic book series Preacher on AMC -- in addition to the warmly received theatrical release of their first feature-length animated comedy Sausage Party this past summer -- collaborators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are on a bit of hot streak. The duo is looking to keep that streak going with upcoming projects like The Masterpiece -- which stars James Franco and aims to tell a behind-the-scenes story of Tommy Wiseau's infamous 2003 film The Room -- as well as The Somethinga sci-fi comedy co-starring Zach Galifianakis and Bill Hader.

As seen with the aforementioned Preacher, Rogen and Goldberg aren't limiting themselves to theatrical releases. In fact, the two are actively developing a television series based on Garth Ennis' ultra-violent (what else?) superhero takedown The Boys for Cinemax, and now it seems they will also endeavor to bring an original superhero TV series to life on FOX.

According to Deadline, Rogen and Goldberg have just signed an exclusive deal with FOX to develop the new superhero series as a single-camera sidekick-themed comedy written by Mike Rosolio (Lemmings). The as-yet-untitled program will revolve around an MIT alumnus who gets a job working for a Steve Jobs type -- only to discover that he is secretly a caped crusader. The new show will be produced by Rogen and Goldberg's own Point Grey Pictures in cooperation with Sony Pictures TV -- alongside Point Grey co-executive producer James Weaver.

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The deal was made in tandem with an original series order for a show satirizing Illuminati conspiracy theories at ABC, to be written by Brad Copeland (Life in Pieces) -- with the forthcoming Hulu original series Future Man also in the offing for Rogen and Goldberg. All that being said, it remains to be seen how capably the pair will manage in developing an original comedy satire to give the likes of Powerless at NBC a run for its money.

As the recent box office success of Doctor Strange indicates, superheroes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, a sidekick-themed single-camera comedy series might just be a winning formula for an original TV show guided by the likes of Rogen and Goldberg. With any luck, the new series will match the warm reception already lauded onto the pair's recent productions, and will result in a similarly winning superhero satire for comic book fans the world over.

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