Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Rewriting 'Neighborhood Watch'

Actor/writer Seth Rogen and his childhood pal Evan Goldberg have previously worked together on a raunchy teen comedy, a stoner action-comedy, and a campy comic book adaptation. So a movie about regular guys that have to prevent the end of the world (titled Neighborhood Watch) shouldn't be much of a stretch for them.

The Superbad writing duo of Rogen and Goldberg have been hired on to rewrite the script for 20th Century Fox's Neighborhood Watch, which has been lingering in development limbo for some time now.

Heat Vision says that Neighborhood Watch revolves around a collection of suburbanite fathers who hatch a scheme to spend time away from their energy-zapping families under the pretense that they've formed a "neighborhood watch" organization. Things don't go to plan when the men uncover an actual plan to destroy the world and are forced to stop playing Fantasy Baseball/going bowling/other male bonding rituals, in order to save the planet from destruction.

Shawn Levy directed the action-comedy Date Night - a pic that also involved adults stuck in a rut who get swept up on an unexpected life-threatening adventure - and will produce Neighborhood Watch, which was originally envisioned as a Will Ferrell vehicle. Peter Segal (Get Smart) was the last director attached to helm the film, but has since left the gestating project.

The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou
Jay Chou and Rogen in 'The Green Hornet'.

Rogen and Goldberg's most recent writing effort, The Green Hornet, will hit theaters in about two months and early word is that it's quite entertaining, which is surprising given the rampant rumors about the project being a mess and its subsequent change in release date to the middle of January. While Rogen starred in all three of his previous screenwriting collaborations with Goldberg, there's no indication that he'll do the same for Neighborhood Watch (though it's certainly not out of the question).

Now that the project is moving forward again, expect to hear about a director and stars signing on for Neighborhood Watch in the near future.

Source: THR

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