Set Photos & Details From George Clooney's The American

A film coming out this fall that's flown way under the radar is The American, starring George Clooney. Directed by Anton Corbijn in his first wide release feature, the story centers around an assassin (Clooney) who hides out in Italy for one last assignment. The film is on a few 2011 Best Picture Watch lists.

Corbijn has just launched a production website, where he plans on posting photos and information from the set. Considering his background as a professional photographer, they are pretty good looking shots and not just something a production assistant took with a cell phone. In addition, he left some notes on how production is going:

"We filmed the beginning of the film at the very end of our shooting schedule: Late January in the middle of Sweden, Ostersund.

We filmed on a frozen lake in -20° celsius so that was tough on everyone, especially on the actors."

The last photo is from their 9-week shoot in Italy

The photo of Clooney holding a sniper rifle surfaced a little while ago and immediately turned some heads. We really haven't seen this side of the Batman & Robin star. As a hired hand in Syriana he didn't really tout too much high-powered weaponry and in Three Kings it was handguns and leadership. It seems The American will have the sensation of a man in a place mysterious to him, carrying out tension-packed missions and overcoming conflict after conflict.

Could we be in the midst of a new Bourne-style trilogy? Are you excited to see Clooney taking international bad guys down?

The American shoots its way into theaters September 1st, 2010.

Source: Anton Corbijn

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