Cookie Monster is Rick in Sesame Street Walking Dead Parody

Cookie Monster takes on the role of Rick Grimes in Sesame Street’s parody of The Walking Dead. Released to coincide with the 100th episode of AMC’s zombie drama, this felt-filled send-up is sure to tickle fans of the show. The Walking Dead reached its centenary last night, with an episode that introduced a new dynamic to the series: the ‘Old Man Rick’ flash-forwards. These should be interesting to watch as the season progresses.

Sesame Street isn’t the first show to mock The Walking Dead as a strange sort of anniversary present. Robot Chicken did it first, with a special episode that brought back Glenn, gave Lucille a superhero backstory, and gifted Negan with a big musical number. As you’d expect, Sesame Street’s video is a little less weird. But it’s still a lot of fun.

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The video, which goes by the title “The Walking Gingerbread”, has been shared online for all to see. It opens with Cookie Monster – in a typical Rick Grimes sheriff uniform – waking up in the woods after a cookie-induced nap. From there, the comedy kicks off. The video also has a synopsis, which explains its central conceit:

"The Crumbies come from a bad batch of cookies and are eating everyone's cookies! The cookies are only safe if they aren't opened. Will Sheriff Graham learn to control his hunger for everyone's safety? Will the boxes of cookies ever be safe again?"

This light-hearted video reimagines the world of The Walking Dead through the lens of cookies and puppets. Instead of walkers, you have Crumbies. And instead of eating people, they just eat people’s cookies. Of course, to Cookie Monster, this is still a highly horrific situation. And the only way to stave off the Crumbies is to avoid opening boxes of cookies, which just stresses out Cookie Monster even more.

However, as fun as this concept is, it’s the odd little references that make “The Walking Gingerbread” a really enjoyable parody. The appearance of The Governor, who’s shifty even in this child-friendly version of The Walking Dead’s world, is a particular highlight. Puppet versions of Darryl and Michonne also make special appearances, using cooking utensils instead of their usual iconic weaponry.

The video ends with Cookie Monster teaching the Crumbies to dance, which works wonderfully and resolves the situation nicely. Perhaps this is a tactic that the real Rick Grimes could try out?

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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