Sesame Street Parodies Stranger Things' Upside Down

Sesame Street points its parody skills at Stranger Things, with its felt-covered characters heading to the mysterious Upside Down.

Sesame Street Stranger Things Dustin

The Upside Down is coming to Sesame Street. #StrangerThings

— Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) October 27, 2017

Sesame Street is heading to The Upside Down to parody Netflix’s nostalgia-fuelled smash hit, Stranger Things. This follows hot on the heels of another felt-filled parody from Jim Henson’s kid-friendly creations: earlier this month, Sesame Street had The Walking Dead in its jokey crosshairs, marking the 100th episode of AMC’s zombie drama with a rib-tickling viral video.

Now, it’s Stranger Things’ turn to be satirized. Following the triumphant return of the binge-friendly kids-versus-monsters series (some have argued that season 2 is even better than season 1), the fandom has been treated to comedic delights as well as serious analysis. For every explanation of the central monster or breakdown of the pop culture references, there has also been something to laugh at: a huge pile of memes, for instance, or a hilarious Eleven cosplay.

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Sesame Street’s Twitter account has released a short teaser for the upcoming Stranger Things parody installment. It clocks in at just under a minute, but manages to pack in a significant amount of comedy. It’s also a whole load of fun to see your favorite Stranger Things characters converted into puppets.

The clip opens with a spoiler warning from Oscar the Grouch, encased within his bin, before transitioning into its parody. The clip doesn’t pull its punches, kicking off with Grover delivering the line, “I, your cute adorable child of the eighties, Lucas, have a baaaaad feeling about tonight.” Dustin (played by Ernie) then chimes in, pointing out one of the silliest things about the show’s second run: “It’s Halloween, Lucas, nothing bad’ll happen to us... again.” Why would anyone in Hawkins let their kids run around at night after the events of season 1?

Lucas suggests going home and getting a board game out, but sensibility does not prevail. Instead, the Sesame Street versions of the Stranger Things kids continue trick or treating, in their tiny Ghostbusters costumes. When things get scary, Lucas yells, “Ah! Told you we should have gone home!” And then, as quickly as it began, the video ends, promising a longer version to follow in Sesame Street’s Thanksgiving episode.

The green title card at the end presents the name of the skit: Sharing Things”. This suggests that, in classic Sesame Street style, this segment will come with a moralistic lesson for the kids at home. Judging by this teaser, though, it will also contain some very funny parody, and a few credible criticisms of Stranger Things.

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Stranger Things 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

Source: Sesame Street Twitter

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