Sesame Street's Full Stranger Things Parody is Now Online

Sesame Street introduces viewers to the Snackside Down and the Cookiegorgon in the show's Stranger Things parody, 'Sharing Things'.

Sesame Street Stranger Things

The full version of Sesame Street’s Stranger Things parody is now available online, introducing viewers to the Cookiegorgon and the Snackside Down. Sesame Street has been making kid-friendly parodies of various TV shows and films, such as The Walking Dead (titled The Walking Gingerbread) and Star Wars (adapted as Star S’Mores), all of them with a lesson on moral values.

A few days after the release of Stranger Things season 2, Sesame Street shared a teaser of their parody, titled Sharing Things, announcing it would be released on Thanksgiving. Said teaser didn’t give much away and with good reason, as it turns out it’s all about the events in season 2 - with a twist to make it a kid-friendly story. As promised, Sesame Street has now released the video online, taking us to the Snackside Down to meet its monster, the Cookiegorgon.

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The video (shown above) features some of Sesame Street’s beloved characters such as Cookie Monster as the Cookiegorgon, Grover as Lucas, and Ernie as Dustin, with an introduction by Oscar the Grouch warning us about it being another parody with a message about sharing. It then jumps straight to the Snackside Down, where the Cookiegorgon has eaten all the food and is looking for more - with a special appearance from Barb, all covered in candy wrappers.

Back in the real world, the kids are all suited up to go trick-or-treating, with Dustin assuring Lucas that nothing bad will happen to them because it’s Halloween. The Cookiegorgon then comes across with Hopper (appropriately played by a hare) and quickly puts on a costume of an “adorable flower” to blend in with the trick-or-treaters. The shadow monster also has a brief appearance, but it turns out to be a good ol’ octopus going trick-or-treat.

Sesame Street Stranger Things

The kids end up at Will’s house, where Mike makes a reference to the ending of season 1 by saying Will “loves gummy worms”, followed by Will coughing out a gummy worm. The Cookiegorgon arrives and eats all the candy, with Joyce coming back with a plate of cookies. Just as the Cookiegorgon is about to eat all the cookies, he is stopped by Eleven (who is literally played by number 11) telling him that “friends share”. The kids then explain the monster what sharing is, and Will places the last piece of his drawing, which shows the Cookiegorgon sharing a cookie with the kids.

Also featured are Max, Dart (in the shape of a orange striped worm that keeps growing throughout the video), and Kali, Eleven’s sister who is also known as “Eight”, and is played by number 8. The video also has some references to Hawkins Lab, the pumpkin patch, Bob, the tunnels to the Upside Down, and Nancy right at the end, when the Cookiegorgon goes back to the Snackside Down with Barb who, after asking if her friend has remembered her, is given a waffle.

Sharing Things takes some of the most important elements from Stranger Things season 2 to tell a story about the importance of sharing, while also helping kids take part in the cultural phenomenon that is Stranger Things. Living in the digital era, it’s hard for kids not to get involved in some way with some of the most successful TV shows and films, but these are not always suitable for children. These parodies by Sesame Street make children feel part of these stories with friendly versions that also teach some valuable lessons.

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