'Sesame Street' Movie in the Works at Fox

Sesame Street Movie

Today's youth can tell you in a heartbeat who the members of The Wiggles are - they can tell you where Spongebob Squarepants lives without hesitation, and they can tell you what Hannah Montana's favorite brand of clothing is without giving it much thought - but, can they tell you what a Snuffleupagus is?

Sesame Street played a huge part in the upbringing in many of today's adults. Characters on the show helped you on a variety of subjects - from helping to identify a specific color to showing you your first letter. While Sesame Street's style is often imitated/never duplicated in today's market, its popularity (save for the continued reign of Elmo) has certainly dwindled in recent years. The Muppets found themselves making a comeback with a feature-film last year; could the same tactic work for Sesame Street?

According to THR, 20th Century Fox is moving full-steam ahead in creating a full-length Sesame Street movie. Joey Mazzarino - who has been writing for the popular kiddie television series since 1998 - will script the project. Sesame Street first hit the airwaves way back in 1969, and over 40 years later continues to entertain and educate millions of children around the globe. It was created by the late/great puppeteer Jim Henson, and has already had two feature-film adaptations - Follow That Bird in 1985 and Elmo in Grouchland in 1999.

Over the years, the show has featured cameos from a host of celebrities - from actors such as Robert De Niro and Ryan Reynolds (The Change-Up) to musicians such as Katy Perry - so it would be no surprise if the film version featured a ton of cameos to help boost its ticket sales.

Jim Henson

With a Muppets sequel already in the works, and with recent word of a Fraggle Rock film being developed, it'll be interesting to see how Sesame Street will be able to hold up.

So, there is no need to continue asking Siri the directions to Sesame Street, nor will you have to figure out what address to punch into the GPS when trying to locate it. When the time is right, all you'll have to do is head to your local movie theater to find it. In the meantime, ask Siri what a Snuffleupagus is.

There is no word yet on when we can expect Sesame Street in theaters but continue to check back with Screen Rant for further details.

Source: THR

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