Serious Sam 4 Back in Full Development With New Tech

Serious Sam, an over the top first-person shooter series, follows exploits of Samuel “Serious” Stone as he attempts to save humanity from an evil alien overlord, is finally getting the long-awaited sequel fans have been waiting for since the game’s initial announcement back in 2013.

Now that developer Croteam has finished The Talos Principle, they made it clear during a recent interview that they’re pulling Serious Sam 4 from the backburner.

Croteam has adopted a number of new methods to help make their jobs easier so they can focus on the quality of the game, they tell Reboot Magazine. One of these is a technique called photogrammetry. In the past, all of the statues, architecture, and other objects defining the maps of Serious Sam titles were based on real places, and hand-drawing each piece was time consuming, but during the development of The Talos Principle they experimented with a program called 123D Catch that turns photographs into 3D models. Using that, Croteam was able to create the incredibly detailed environments in The Talos Principle in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise. That extra time they can use to develop the game’s story, which Jonas Kyratzes, the writer behind the story for The Talos Principle, is working on. Story-wise, Serious Sam 4 will take place before Serious Sam 3.

Serious Sam 3 Wallpaper

Through the development of the first Serious Sam game, each subsequent sequel – including the HD versions of those games – and now The Talos Principle, the Serious Engine has seen a lot of changes. All of these developments they’re bringing to Serious Sam 4. The series was known as the FPS with the most enemies on screen and large, expansive maps. With their latest version of the Serious Engine, Croteam is looking to win back that title. The latest Serious Sam game was released back in 2011, though, and since then some serious screen-filling contenders to the crown have climbed that ladder. It’ll be interesting to see what Croteam can come up with to compete.

One exciting feature confirmed to be returning in Serious Sam 4 will be Croteam’s interesting (read: evilly fun) form of copy-protection. Instead of forcing a player's computer to always be online, or having them go through some obnoxious platform to login, Croteam believes in implementing the copy-protection directly into the game. In Serious Sam 3, this took the form of a giant invincible scorpion that chased you throughout the rest of the game. In The Talos Principle the player similarly becomes trapped in an elevator. No word yet on what it’ll be for Serious Sam 4, but I’m looking forward to reading complaints about a broken game mechanic from those who pirated the game.

Release Date: TBA

Sources: Croteam, Reboot Magazine

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