14There Are 13 Books In The Series, Plus Supplemental Stories

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events books

There are 13 books in A Series of Unfortunate Events, starting with The Bad Beginning and ending (fittingly) with The End. Throughout the books the Baudelaires are cared for by various distant relatives all while fighting off Count Olaf 's schemes and trying to learn more about their parents' involvement in a secret society, V.F.D. As

the series goes on, the orphans uncover more and more mysteries that connect the organization to both their parents and Count Olaf.

The questions asked by Snicket in the series are never really answered, hence existence of the supplemental books. These add onto the story by giving more background on the characters and locations. The books themselves become a puzzle to solve.

All the Wrong Questions is a four-book prequel series to Series of Unfortunate Events. It gives more insight into the "author" of the books; Snicket himself. All the Wrong Questions follow Snicket as a teenager working for V.F.D. It is set in the same universe and even has some of the same locations and characters of the original series.

Other reading materials include The Beatrice Letters, Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Biography, The Puzzling Puzzles, and journals called The Blank Book and Notorious Notations. There are still many active online forums of eagle-eyed readers scouring the books (and now trailers) for more information about the elusive V.F.D.

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