10 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: September 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper

At a Comic Con panel earlier this year, Emily Blunt stated that she believed Looper - the new sci-fi drama from Brick director Rian Johnson -  is the best film she's been a part of. Her co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt added that he believes that he disappears into this role better than he ever has. That's high praise coming from two rising young Hollywood stars who have both have starred in many worthy projects over the past the few years.

Their new film finds Gordon-Levitt playing an assassin who must kill an older version of himself, sent back in time by a future mob. That older version is played by Bruce Willis, who faces off against JGL head-trip thriller. With the help of a make-up team, JGL reportedly attempted to transform himself into a young Willis for the film, so we'll have to see if all of the work was worth it when it arrives on the big screen.

For a look at this new sci-fi thriller, check out the Looper trailer.

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