In Remembrance: 9-11-2001

[This is a re-publication of an article that we wrote one year ago. I think it captures the moment and our feelings very well. - Editor]

I know everyone is pretty busy, but I'd like to suggest that everyone, but for a moment, take pause from your busy day and remember those whom we lost on 9/11, that tragic day in 2001.

The selfless heroes who charged into the carnage to help people,

The terrified victims in the towers not knowing what, or why.

The selfless Search And Rescue folk who endured through what they found in the ensuing days.

I cannot conceive.

A few days later, I was on a flight to New England. Yes, I flew.

The airports were an eerie kind of empty you'd only see in a Stephen King movie.

Though a week later, the newspaper racks held old papers from the 10th of September. What was important the day before, was no longer an issue this day.

My connecting flight flew over the smoking site. There were very few of us, but when someone mumbled something we couldn't hear, we understood. Everyone got up and looked out upon the scene of tragedy.

Somberness ruled the moment.

Driving around the NE region, for the first time in my life I saw solidarity in our population.

Flags everywhere.

Written signs of condolences, frustration and revenge.

No matter where I went and who I spoke with, someone, somewhere had known someone involved. I lost several friends on the different airplanes, so I wasn't alone.

So I'm asking for just a moment -Remember:

The victims.

Their families.

Their friends.

The nation.

In fact, I never want to forget those feelings I felt when I first saw the news broadcast that elicited my confusion and disbelief. Or what I saw in the ensuing days, or whom I spoke with. I was so moved, that the man who averages over 5,000 pictures a year forgot to take a single one.

The next time you start grumbling about that pesky airport security, take a moment to ponder. Is it really that much of an inconvenience to take an extra step to prevent additional mourning.

Just a moment is all I ask.

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