Sense8 Series Finale Trailer Promises One Last Mission

Netflix delivers the first trailer for the Sense8 series finale that will hopefully bring the series to a more satisfying conclusion than its unceremonious cancelation last year would have. The existence of the two-hour finale is a sign that, every now and then, the outcry from a devoted fan base, upon learning their favorite show has been axed, can have a positive outcome. It’s conciliatory to a certain degree as those shouting the loudest would certainly prefer the series continue on in perpetuity, but a definitive ending is better than no ending at all.

The circumstances that brought the Sense8 finale to fruition are becoming increasingly common as the economics of the entertainment industry come up against the expectations of a vocal audience taking to social media to express their displeasure over a cancelation. It seems especially pronounced as of late, following FOX’s recent cancelation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the subsequent reaction on social media to that news. While Brooklyn Nine-Nine joins Timeless as a rare series given a stay of execution, other shows with passionate fan bases, like The Expanse and Lucifer, have yet to receive the proverbial call from the governor. 

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As far as Sense8 is concerned, the first trailer for the finale paints an interesting picture, one that underlines the finality of it all by offering the sensates on last mission to save one of their own. This time, instead of Will (Brian J. Smith), Riley (Tuppence Middleton, or Nomi (Jamie Clayton) being in harm’s way, it’s Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) who needs saving. That’s an interesting change of pace for the series and one that, from the look of things will deliver an action-packed finale. 

Sense8 Cast

The series has always had its fair share of action, something the Wachowskis have specialized in during their filmmaking careers, but from what is seen in the trailer, this last episode may bring more than usual. There are plenty of slow motion gun fights, explosions, and wide angle shots of beautiful people running beautifully, though with two hours on her hands, it’s unlikely director Lana Wachowski will spend all her time blowing stuff up.

If anything, the series earned its devoted fans not for its delivery of choreographed action sequences, but for how it distilled the themes common to the Wachowskis’ body of work. That’s on display here, too, especially in the conversation between Will and Jonas (Naveen Andrews) that outlines the sensates' fight against the forces that have gathered against them and underlines how the differences that make the group special may make them more human than the human's their fighting against.

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Sense8 seires finale will stream on June 8 on Netflix.

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