Sense8 Series Finale Video Celebrates the End of an Amazing Journey

After it was announced that Netflix was doing the unthinkable and cancelling one of its original series, fans rallied and made their voices heard, earning the Wachowski's a Sense8 series finale special so the series could go out on its own terms. The sci-fi series about a cluster of eight unique individuals who share a telepathic connection was a tough sell, but the minds behind The Matrix, along with J. Michael Strasczynski, cultivated a passionate fan base over two seasons that celebrated the series as much for its inclusive storylines as for its ambitious storytelling.

Never quite the breakout hit the streaming service was likely looking for and something of a mixed bag among critics, Sense8 was also an incredibly expensive series to make. The Wachowski's filmed all over the globe, opting to make the mind-hopping adventures of their characters look as authentic as possible, as opposed to, say, using a green screen to simulate Mexico City one minute and Berlin the next. The cost, along with the irregular release schedule and overall response likely all played a part in Netflix's unpopular decision to unceremoniously give the series the ax. Thankfully, the powers that be at the company listened to their viewers and will bring Sense8 back for one last special that, as Max Rielmelt, the actor who plays Wolfgang says, makes him "Proud to be a part of this and happy that we can give them an end that will satisfy."

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Riemelt's comment is likely true of both the fans of the show and the characters of the series, and they come from a new video released by Netflix that offers a look behind the scenes of the series finale, while also serving as a thank you letter to the show's devoted fans. Like Sense8, the video goes all-in on the earnest display of emotion as the cast share their thoughts on the series as a whole, the upcoming finale, and, of course, the outpouring of support they've experienced firsthand.

Though the video doesn't feature the entire cast, it does offer insights from the likes of Tuppence Middleton, Tina Desai, Freema Agyeman, Toby Onwumere, and Brian J. Smith. The video also includes shots of series co-creator Lana Wachowski working with the cast, which presumably means she'll be taking the reins on the finale as she did with the second season after Lilly stepped away.

It's worth noting that the video doesn't offer much in the way of footage from the finale or an idea of how the series plans to bring its story to a close. Instead, it focuses on the emotional response of the cast and the fans, which is more or less the biggest selling point for the Sense8 series finale. Capitalizing on the passion of all those involved and seeing how a passionate audience returns it is a smart way to position the finale and to celebrate the series as it comes to an end.

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Sense8 series finale will premiere in 2018 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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