Sense8 Cast in Talks For Season 3 at Netflix

Sense8 Season 2 Cast Sensates

Sense8 is Matrix creators Lana and Lilly Wachowski's first venture into television along with TV veteran and comic book legend J. Michael Straczynski (The Twilight Zone). Their first season debuted in 2015 and the second season is getting ready to premiere on NetflixThe show follows a series of characters called "sensates" that are emotionally tied together.

The second season of Sense8 wrapped filming almost eight months ago and is still in the editing process as it heads toward its May premiere date. This season was filmed on multiple locations across four continents, which is incredibly impressive.

Deadline is now reporting that many of the 15 regular - this includes the sensates - cast members' options likely expired during the extensive production (pre- and post-production included) process. In spite of this, core cast members have reportedly been contacted and about four of the leads have closed deals, while the other half remain in negotiations. Per these third season provisions, actors would be on hold until June of this year, by which time Netflix will have made a decision to renew the show or not.

Sense8 Christmas Special Season 2 Release Dates

The Sense8 main characters are played by Book of DallasToby Onwumere (who replaced Aml Ameen as Capheus for the Christmas Special and season 2); Doona Bae, who worked with the Wachowskis previously on Cloud Atlas, as Sun Bak; Jamie Clayton (The Neon Demon) as Nomi Marks; Tina Desai (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) as Kala Dandekar; Tuppence Middleton (The Imitation Game) as Riley Blue; Max Riemelt (Berlin Syndrome) as Wolfgang Bogdanow: Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Velvet) as Lito Rodriguez; and Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) as Will Gorski.

Lost alum Naveen Andrews - who is not one of the Sense8, but probably the most recognizable face on the show - was recently cast in a CBS pilot called Instinct, which may keep him from being able to return to the show. The loss of Andrews would be a real shame, but if the core eight actors are able to remain with the show then it should be able to weather the pre-production process that will likely be a part of a third season. That in mind, they have already recast one of the integral roles, so that may not be out of the running even if the last four contracts don't close.

It does seem strange that the cast was not already tied up for the third season of Sense8. That would seem to suggest the stress the production is regularly under amidst trying to schedule a streaming show that shoots in exotic locations all over the world. If there is destined to be two more years between the second and third season of the show, then casting confirmations may yet be a while off.

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Sense8 season 1 and its Christmas special are currently available to stream on Netflix. Season 2 is slated to arrive May 5.

Source: Deadline

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