Sense8 Season 2 Final Trailer: Sensates vs. Whispers

As Sense8's return draws nearer, Netflix has unveiled the show's final season 2 trailer, ramping up the battle between the sensates and Whispers.

Sense8 Season 2 Cast Sensates

As Sense8's much-anticipated return draws nearer, Netflix has unveiled the show's final season 2 trailer. The series first debuted back in 2015, introducing viewers to an elaborate, brain-twisting premise. It's driven by eight disparate characters, dubbed the sensates, who suddenly find themselves psychically linked from across the world. Season 1 focused on laying the groundwork for their individual story lines, as well as setting up an overarching conflict with evil corp BPO and the villainous Whispers' quest to hunt them down.

It initially attracted a small, rabid fan base, but largely fell off the radar after a mildly delayed renewal and a time-consuming production schedule. Co-creators Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski (Lilly Wachowski opted to sit out season 2) spent roughly a year and a half crisscrossing the globe for filming and fine-tuning the project's complex narrative before finally closing the protracted gap between season 1 and 2 with a two-hour Christmas special, which is where Sense8 will pick up when it returns May 5.

The final trailer before the season 2 premiere once again teases a heightened battle between the sensates and Whispers, who's been closing in on Will since they inadvertently made eye contact in season 1, leaving his mind (and cluster) open to invasion. In the Christmas special, Will was combating Whipsers' visits by remaining in a drugged-out comatose, but the promo has made clear that that's only a temporary fix. "You think you're hunting us? We're coming for you," Will warns Whispers. It also hints at the arrival of sensates outside of the core eight characters' cluster, though they seem to be clashing more than collaborating.

Brian J. Smith and Terrence Mann in Sense8 Season 2

That's a lot to tackle in 10 episodes, especially for a show that already has a rather confounding premise. Sense8's first outing presented a gripping, sophisticated story, but received criticism for taking on too much at once, often making it difficult to follow. This time around, however, the plot is purportedly more focused. As the sensates become increasingly enmeshed in one another's lives, things may begin to feel a little more unified.

The only outlier is the introduction of more sensates, which could either complicate the already ambitious series or add in fresh drama, depending on how intertwined they are with what's already in play. But if Sense8 can manage to streamline its big ideas, this may be the season it truly hits its stride.

Sense8 season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 2 will be available in its entirety on Friday, May 5.

Source: Netflix

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