Sense8 Season 2: Ami Ameen's Role Recast With Toby Onwumere

Ami Ameen leaves Sense8 season 2

In 2015, Netflix delivered a strong line of original content on the streaming channel, to the delight of viewers who immediately binge-watched as many episodes of each show as possible. Sense8 was just one such show that proved quite addictive, and left viewers wanting more. Following a group of senseates, who are all mentally connected to one another, the show traveled across continents and time zones as the 'cluster' tried to outrun those who felt they posed a threat to the world's order, and wanted to get rid of them.

Sense8 was renewed for a second season and its cast, consisting of actors of different nationalities and from different ethnic backgrounds, all signed on. This included the entire Sense8; Jamie Clayton as Nomie, Max Riemelt as Wolfgang, Bae Doona as Sun, Tuppence Middleton as Riley, Brian J. Smith as Will, Tina Desai as Kayla, Miguel Silvestre as Lito, and Ami Ameen as Cepheus.

Filming for Sense8 season 2 is already well underway; however, Deadline is reporting one big change to the show, with Ami Ameen abruptly quitting his role. The report goes on to say that British actor Ameen left midway through filming on season 2 owing to a disagreement with Sense8 co-creator Lana Wachowski - one that flared up at the table read in Berlin. The situation is thought to have worsened as filming moved on to India, which led to Ameen quitting the role two episodes in.

Sense8 season 2 casts Toby Onwumere

Ameen played Capheus, a young man living in Nairobi, working hard to earn money to pay for his mother's AIDs medication. His character was popular with fans of the show because of his sunny disposition and ability to inspire others. Ameen's role has now been recast with Toby Onwumere. Onwumere is a newcomer, having recently graduated from the UC San Diego MFA acting course. According to IMDB, his only credit thus far is one episode of The Book of Dallas in 2012. Stepping into an existing role on a high profile show must surely be a daunting prospect, and it will be a hard task to pull off, especially trying to please fans who are already disgruntled at having to wait so long for the second season to air.

At the time of writing, no date has been set for Sense8 season 2 to premiere, only a vague 'latter half of 2016' has been offered, and there is no word on whether they will reshoot the season 2 scenes that had already been filmed with Ameen, but it seems safe to assume they will. Because of the array of geographical locations, Sense8 is a series that requires a long filming process; already the cast have moved between Berlin, Italy, and now India. The question is, how long can Sense8 and Netflix keep fans waiting - and when season 2 does finally make it to air, will there be anyone left to care?

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Sense8 season 2 will arrive on Netflix in 2016.

Source: Deadline, IMDB

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