Sense8: Other Projects Starring The Netflix Show's Cast

Created by the Wachowskis, Sense8 is a Netflix sci-fi series with a stellar cast. What else have these actors starred in?

Sense8 was a Netflix show that focused on eight strangers who were from different parts of the world and who become sensates, making them linked in a unique way. The first season dropped on June 5, 2015, then there was a two-hour Christmas special in December 2016, and the second season came out in May 2017. After this, the series was canceled, but thankfully, Netflix gave fans a two-and-a-half-hour series finale in June 2018. 

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Now that this show is done, it is time to go over where else these stars have been seen and what series/films they will be in going forward!

10 Doona Bae

In Sense8, Doona Bae played Sun Bak. Bae’s first acting credit in a movie- according to her IMDb page - was in 1999, as she was in the South Korean's horror film called The Ring Virus. She has appeared in television series such as Beating Heart, Master of Study, and Kingdom.

Bae was in some well-known movies in the past few years, too: Cloud Atlas (Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Hugh Grant) and Jupiter Ascending (Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, and Eddie Redmayne). Next year, she will be in a comedy film titled #jesuislà. 

9 Jamie Clayton

For those who don’t remember, Jamie Clayton’s character in this story was Nomi Marks. Before that, she appeared in Transform Me, 2012's Are We There Yet?, as well as on BoJack Horseman in 2016. She provided the voice of Jien Garson in the video game Mass Effect: Andromeda in 2017.

Clayton has some credits from this year, too; she appeared in The Chain, a thriller with Madeline Zima and Adrienne Barbeau, as Dr. Ryan, and she was in Designated Survivor, a drama series that stars Kiefer Sutherland, as Sasha Booker.

8 Tina Desai

Tina Desai has been in several movies and in lots of commercials. She appeared in a thriller called Yeh Faasley, a comedy called Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande, a thriller called Table No. 21, and the comedy-drama The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

She was once on a reality show called Get Gorgeous, which landed her a contract with Elite Model India Management. She has even voiced a character who is named Ashima in the Thomas & Friends film and in some episodes of this kid-friendly TV show. 

7 Tuppence Middleton

In 2008, Tuppence Middleton was on an episode of Bones. From there, she was in the series Sinbad as Tiger and in an episode of Black Mirror in 2013. She appeared in movies like The Love Punch as Sophie, A Long Way Down as Kathy and The Imitation Game as Helen.

Middleton was also in Jupiter Ascending, which featured her Sense8 costar, Doona Bae. Right now, Middleton’s IMDb page lists four things that are in the post-production phase and one completed project, but to true fans of this story, she will always be Riley Blue.

6 Max Riemelt

Max Riemelt’s career began in Germany when he was just 13, and, of course, he portrayed Wolfgang Bogdanow in the Netflix series Sense8. Recently, he was in a psychological thriller called Berlin Syndrome with the Australian actress Teresa Palmer; this film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.

Currently, his IMDb page has a list of five things that are completed, so fans can expect to see him in many more television shows and flicks in the next couple of months and years!

5 Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Miguel Ángel Silvestre hones his craft as a performer before winning the Mister Castelló 2002 pageant. His acting credits include being in a film called I'm So Excited, a Spanish thriller called Verbo, a series called Velvet and a Spanish TV show called Sin tetas no hay paraíso.

Silvestre has also been in plays like Verdadero Oeste and Noches de amor efímero. Two of his most notable roles have been on Netflix, though; in 2017, he started appearing on Narcos as Franklin Jurado, and in Sense8, he portrayed Lito Rodriguez, a telenovela star in Mexico City.

4 Brian J. Smith

Brian J. Smith has been on a variety of television shows, such as Law & Order, Stargate Universe, Gossip Girl, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, The Good Wife and Quantico. As far as films go, he was in The War Boys and Red Hook in 2009.

Pretty soon, people will get to see Smith in a new TV show called World On Fire, in which he plays a character named Webster. Many can surely agree, though, that Will Gorski (from Sense8) is and will continue to be his most memorable and beloved character!

3 Daryl Hannah

One of the biggest stars on this show was Daryl Hannah; she was not one of the main characters, but she had a very vital role - and the actress has quite the resume. She was on The Fury with Kirk Douglas in 1978, Splash in 1984, Steel Magnolias in 1989, Grumpy Old Men in 1993, A Walk to Remember in 2002, and Kill Bill: Vol. 1 in 2003 and Vol. 2 in 2004.

Soon, this well-known actress will be in a rom-com called Undateable John, which also stars Meredith Baxter and Shannen Doherty. On Sense8, Hannah portrayed Angelica Turing.

2 Naveen Andrews

Another known star who appeared on this exciting TV series is Naveen Andrews. This actor has been in movies like The English Patient, Mighty Joe Young, Grindhouse (Planet Terror), and The Brave One. With regards to TV, Andrews has appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sinbad (along with Tuppence Middleton!), and Instinct.

Andrews is best known for being on the hit series Lost as Sayid Jarrah, on the fantasy show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as Jafar, as well as - of course! - on Sense8 as Jonas Maliki.

1 Freema Agyeman

Last but not least, there was Freema Agyeman, who has been acting since the early 2000s. She was in the series Doctor Who as Martha Jones / Martha Smith-Jones / Adeola from 2006 to 2010. She was on the show Law & Order: UK as Alesha Phillips from 2009 to 2011.

From 2013 to 2014, Agyeman was in the prequel to Sex and the City called The Carrie Diaries as Larissa Loughlin. Recently, she has been on New Amsterdam as Dr. Helen Sharpe. And, of course, she was on Sense8 as Nomi’s girlfriend, Amanita Caplan.

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